7 Smart Ways to Stay Warm if Your Boiler Breaks Down

We have a look at our top suggestions to find simple methods to remain snug until your boiler is mended:

  1. Call An Engineer: If your boiler has broken down, the first thing you need to do is locate an experienced engineer to fix it. Fill in our fast estimates form to view immediate online estimates from Gas Safe  registered engineers in your local area now.
  2. Retain Heat: Keep your curtains closed and use draft excluders (or rolled up towels and pillows) to stop heat from escaping through cracks near your doors and windows.
  3. Layer up: Wearing more clothes will be able to help you to retain body heat, so pull on an extra jumper, hat or pair of socks, and curl up under a blanket to remain toasty.
  4. Shake off those winter chills using a delicious cup of hot chocolate or heating bowl of soup. Holding a hot cup will help warm your hands up also!
  5. Get Inventive: Stock-up on hot water bottles, electric blankets and other alternative sources of heat (such as fan, halogen or convection heaters). You might even create your own heat pad by microwaving a sock filled with rice and lavender.
  6. Heating: If you’re relying on an alternative heating method, you can save energy, money and warmth by simply heating the rooms you use the most (e.g. your bedroom and living room).
  7. Ask a Neighbour: If you don’t have access to an electric heater, ask friends or neighbours if they’ve any spare heaters they could lend you. Some local authorities and charities also offer emergency heating help.

The best way to Heat Your Water in a Boiler Breakdown

Most modern dishwashers and washing machines warm water internally, which means you don’t always desire hot water to run them.

But in the event that you don’t, you can nonetheless use kettles or saucepans to warm water for washing or bathing.

WARNING: Take caution when transporting hot water around the home and never leave pans of boiling water unattended.

Boiler on the Blink? Our Fast Repair Service Won’t Make You in The Chilly!

Whether you have a boiler emergency or need to locate a dependable engineer in a rush, with boiler repairs there’s no waiting around. Just click below and complete our quick quote form to view immediate on-line costs from sure, independent engineers in your place today!