How much to move a boiler?

It doesn’t matter why you’ve chosen to restyle your house. It’s always good to produce a healthy return on investment (ROI). Knowing this, it’s intriguing to note that every form of enhancement provides inconsistent returns. ROI connects to cost, and many alterations may also require you to relocate heating elements. If you want to know how much to move a boiler, we can help you find an answer.

How much to move a boilerThe cost of relocating a boiler depends on a series of things that you must not forget about. Prior to the move and going ahead with your plans, you have to think about the basic requirements and costs. At Warm, we offer unrivalled services that focus on improving your property. In addition, we can supply you with helpful information relating to moving boilers.

Boiler relocation expenses – The key considerations

The price of moving a boiler will depend on the model you currently own. After all, there’s more than one type on the market.

Combination boilers

Let’s start by looking at combi models. A standard installation shall cost between £2,500 and £3,000. This includes the costs of refitting the boiler controls, repositioning pipe work, and installing a new flue if the appliance burns fuel. Concerning the latter, you must also think about the coring of a new hole for the fitting whilst shifting your machine.

There are other costs you’ll need to consider too. This includes rubbish removal, which can cost up to £100. Additionally, you might have to cover the cost of running augmented gas supply pipes. There may also be a separate condensate pipe, which connects to a drain.

System and regular boilers

When relocating regular and system models you must think about the price of repositioning water tanks as well. For regular designs, you may need to relocate a hot water cylinder and cold water storage tank. You may be set back by £100 per tank.

Universal costs

Finally, there are the universal costs to consider. They include VAT as well as the bill for the engineer’s labour. In the UK, the current VAT rate is 20%. Contractors shall introduce this according to the quote they issue for their services.

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