Portsmouth pensioner shares her boiler troubles

Southsea homeowner speaks out about her boiler nightmare

A pensioner has spoken to The News in Portsmouth about the terrible ordeal she suffered last winter.. She was forced to endure finger-numbing temperatures due to her boiler and the incompetency of an unreliable boiler contractor.

Jenny Hanley, of Southsea, was shopping around for a new boiler in Autumn last year. She was convinced that her old, inefficient machine was not going to last through the winter months.

A local tradesman told Jenny about the Government’s ECO Scheme 2016. This entitles some homeowners and private tenants to a free or subsidised boiler replacement service.

Overjoyed by the news, Jenny immediately applied for the scheme through a big-name gas supplier. They put her in touch with a boiler installer company to oversee the application and installation process.

Meanwhile, Jenny’s old boiler was on the blink and the frosty season was creeping ever closer. What would ensue in the coming months was every householder’s worst nightmare.

The supposedly reliable installation firm spent weeks dilly-dallying around Ms Hanley’s application. They said they also needed a household energy performance report and information about Jenny’s annual income.

Rising Costs

Initially, the installer had quoted a price of £578 for the replacement boiler and installation, including completing all the paperwork free-of-charge.

However, the price had rocketed to £2,138 by December. The installer sent two letters to Ms Hanley demanding more money before the installation could go ahead.

By this time, the family’s boiler had completely failed. This left them relying on portable heaters for their warmth. At particularly cold periods, the household temperature dropped to eight degrees celsius.

Despite paying the unreasonable fees, it was only in February that Jenny finally received a fully-functioning new boiler. This followed months of broken promises, faulty installations and poor service.

Jenny contacted Streetwise to report her terrible experience. Eventually, she received full compensation for her troubles and an apology from the installation company. Speaking to The News, Jenny said she believed the company “shouldn’t have been trading”.

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