What is included in a boiler service checklist?

Boiler servicing is a vital form of maintenance. It keeps the appliance running safely and smoothly without faults. This is something you should arrange to have done every year. It can be helpful to know what is included in a boiler service checklist so you understand what it entails.

Use A Gas Safe Registered Engineer

This is the very first thing you should do with any boiler work. Someone who is working illegally will not be able to do as good a job as someone who has the right training. Don’t take the risk; instead put in the work to find a reliable, qualified expert.

You can ask the engineer what they will include in the boiler service. If you would like, you can even watch to see what they cover. You can also contact the Gas Safe register if you ever have a concern. Services generally take at least 30 minutes. It may take longer if the boiler is difficult to access. After the service, make sure you get a written report.


In terms of what is included in a boiler service checklist, you should expect the following:

  • Visually checking the boiler as well as the flame if it has a pilot
  • A check of the flue both internally and externally
  • An inspection of the heat input and/or operating pressure
  • A check of safety devices
  • Checking that the case seals form an effective seal
  • Removal of the boiler casing to check main components; examples might include the main
  • injector, burner, and also the heat exchanger
  • Firing the boiler safely in order to identify any working faults
  • A clean of boiler parts if this is necessary
  • A report to show what the engineer did

what is included in a boiler service checklistThe steps included in a boiler service can vary for many reasons. Firstly is the fact that there are various types of boilers which operate differently. Modern boilers may also need different checks depending on the features they offer.

One of the things people worry about is their boiler warranty. The majority of warranties will include parts and labour cover for 1 or 2 years. It is worth noting that a lot of them won’t be valid if you fail to have an annual service. Therefore it is better to arrange one so you maintain the cover.

Now that you have a better idea of what is included in a boiler service checklist, get in touch with Warm. Our team will provide you with 3 free quotes of engineers on the Gas Safe register in your local area. This makes arranging servicing and taking care of your boiler simple. Do not hesitate to reach out to us as you can call us 24/7.