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Annual Boiler Service

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Considering getting an annual service for your boiler? If you are, it’s a very important thing to do both in terms of your home and family’s safety as well as keeping a check on your finances. Annual boiler servicing is a crucial part of boiler and central heating system maintenance.

You service is more than just a safety check, it will ensure that your boiler is in good condition, is working as it should and is operating at peak efficiency levels as well as ensuring things like seals and gaskets are all in tip top condition and not showing any signs of wear and tear. Your engineer won’t stop there though, they’ll check that other parts of your heating system are working correctly too such as your flue, ensuring no dangerous fumes are escaping that could harm you and your family. Furthermore, an annual service is a requirement for most if not all boiler warranties so dilute to have one could invalidate your warranty.

Gas Safe Registered Boiler Servicing

All of our engineers are Gas Safe registered. Gas Safe Register replaced CORGI as the gas registration body in 2009. Our Gas Safe registrations mean that we every one of our engineers is regularly inspected and made sure to safe and competent to work on gas appliances. Don’t be one of the one million households per year whose lives are put at risk every year by using an illegal gas fitter.

Our Boiler Service Consists Of:

Cleanliness And Tidiness

Before even entering your premises and starting work on your boiler, our engineer will ensure that they use shoe covers and protective sheeting to protect your home for the duration of the service.


The next part of the service will be the visual checks of the unit. This will include the boiler itself, pipework and fuel. They will check the general condition of the boiler as well as checking that there is sufficient ventilation.


The casing of the boiler will be removed and then further checks will be carried out to ensure that the boiler is working safely. This will include steps such as:

  • Checking the gas flow
  • Checking the gas pressure
  • Flue gas analysed
  • Electrical connections checked and cleaned
  • Fan check
  • Seal check to ensure they are intact
  • Checks on the device’s electrodes
  • Checking for blocks in condensate trap and pipe
  • General clean of the boiler to help efficient operation
  • Pipework and water check
  • General safety checks in accordance with GSIUR 1998


When your gas engineer has completed your service, they will then write a report that gives details of everything that has been done. They will tell you whether it does not beet any relevant regulations and will ask you to sign a copy saying that you are happy with the work carried out. Your engineer should also fill in the service record which is part of the installation and service manual. This is necessary if you ever need to book a repair whilst your warranty is under warranty.


Book Your Boiler Service Now

By booking your annual boiler service today you will ensure that your boiler:

  • Is working safely and not emitting unsafe and potentially deadly fumes
  • Is working efficiently and not using more fuel than it should, costing you money
  • Is compliant with its warranty

Get in touch today and enjoy the peace of mind that a fully serviced boiler gives you. Call now on 0800 311 8990 or complete our online contact form to request a callback from one of our experienced advisors. They’ll give you a very competitive quote for your annual boiler service and answer any questions that you have.

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