How much does installing central heating cost?

Older homes may need to have their central heating systems upgraded. This will allow the residents to take advantage of efficient modern boilers and radiators that will heat up quickly. As a result they can save on energy bills in the long term and ensure the property is comfortable to live in.

Budgeting for home improvements can be difficult. It is even trickier with central heating systems because so many different variables can affect the final price. For example there is the price of the new boiler, the number of radiators, miscellaneous parts, and labour to consider. The size of the property will also have an impact on the size of the bill.


Below we have provided some basic estimated for the cost of new central heating systems in three different scenarios. Each estimate will include the price of a mid range boiler, radiators, a standard flue, all pipework and standard heating controls.

Type of property Approximate total bill Time required for completion
One bedroom flat £3,500 Between 2 and 3 days
Three bedroom house £4,250 Approximately 3 days
Five bedroom house £5,500 Approximately 4 days

Why do costs differ so much?

There are three major factors that influence the cost of a project. Firstly is the size of the property. It is naturally more expensive to fit a new system in a larger building. After-all it will affect the amount of radiators, pipes and components that are necessary.

Secondly is the location of the boiler and radiators. It will take longer to complete the installation if there are any obstacles to overcome during installation. The additional time will result in higher labour costs. It can also result in the need for more materials such as pipes.

Finally is the type of boiler.  It is always easier to replace a boiler like for like and keep it in the same location. If you are changing to a different type it can result in higher costs. Relocating the appliance can also be costly, especially if a new gas line, flue and water line have to be installed.

Consider price points and manufacturers

Boiler installationIn addition to the type of boiler you choose, the cost will also be affected by the price point you opt for and the manufacturer. There are plenty of options, ranging from entry level boilers all the way to premium appliances. The one you select should suit your budget and the size of the property. You should also keep in mind what features you need.

There are plenty of different boiler manufacturers to choose from. Some will provide boilers for different price points whereas others focus on a specific category. It is important to choose a brand you have faith in. Check the warranties and after-sales care on offer in particular. Reliable manufacturers you will encounter include Worchester-Bosch, Baxi, and Vaillant.

Find a quick estimate today

The best thing to do if you are considering the cost of new central heating systems is to get some quotes. That way you can see the differences in prices and decide which option is best for you. offers the fastest service if you are looking to get a quote. With us all you need to do is complete a single form and we can get you three quotes from professional engineers. Alternatively, you can contact one of our advisors to get an estimate.

A new central heating systems could save you up to £320* on your annual energy bills. Are you looking for a Quote to see how much a new central heating systems will cost?