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Do electric boilers produce carbon monoxide?

There are countless individuals out there who love using electricity to power their boiler. These appliances are highly efficient and offer more flexibility in terms of installation However, some are hesitant to use them because they question do electric boilers produce carbon monoxide? As experts in this area, we’re aware of the facts. Read on for a definitive answer. Continue reading

Do electric boilers need servicing?

Electric is one of the top fuel options for people who are looking at different boilers. However, we hear one question rather often. People tend to wonder, do electric boilers need servicing? This is a very important query because services can be a big part of the ongoing cost. We’re going to dive a little deeper into this subject here to help you understand it. Continue reading

Electric boiler installation cost

Right now, there’s a fair amount of confusion surrounding the installation prices of electric boilers in the UK. At Warm we understand that it can be a tricky subject in general. To help, here is a guide to answer some of your questions. You will learn more about the electric boiler installation cost so you can prepare for the bill. Continue reading

How To Install A Boiler

When you make the decision to get a new boiler, you have to prepare for how much you will have to spend. You can choose finance but the final bill will still be quite big. To help put your mind at ease, we have gathered some information to help you understand the process better. This includes some of the important considerations involved and the installation. With details of how to install a boiler you can see where some of the cost comes from. Continue reading

How much to move a boiler?

It doesn’t matter why you’ve chosen to restyle your house. It’s always good to produce a healthy return on investment (ROI). Knowing this, it’s intriguing to note that every form of enhancement provides inconsistent returns. ROI connects to cost, and many alterations may also require you to relocate heating elements. If you want to know how much to move a boiler, we can help you find an answer. Continue reading