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How much is a new gas boiler?

If you ask people about the most important item in their home, the majority of them are likely to say their boiler. You can’t blame them when it is an appliance that provides essential heating and hot water. Everything to do with the appliance, from maintenance to replacement, needs doing right. Professional services are safe and more reliable. The engineers can also offer advice, including answers to questions like how much is a new gas boiler? Continue reading

What size electric boiler do I need?

A boiler is an important investment for your property. Because of this, it is essential that you choose one that matches your needs. You might find yourself asking questions like what size electric boiler do I need? If so, Warm can help you to find a professional engineer who can advise you. Continue reading

Does a gas boiler use electricity?

A boiler is an essential appliance that provides people with a convenient way to heat their homes and access hot water. While you might love having this in place, there are plenty of boiler owners who don’t fully understand how they work. You might even have a question like does a gas boiler use electricity? We are happy to offer advice and also make it easy to arrange reliable services. Continue reading

Boiler in loft pros and cons

There are many people across the UK who look for ways to maximise their living space. This leaves a lot of them wondering about boiler in loft pros and cons. Having it in this location is useful for a number of reasons but there are some possible downsides to consider. Read on to find out more. Continue reading

How do I hide a boiler in the kitchen?

Here at Warm, we know our fair share about central heating and boiler installation. We’re well aware that boilers aren’t the most attractive objects to have in the home. However there are some options for placing them where they won’t be in the way. We offer lots of advice, including answering the question how do I hide a boiler in the kitchen? The following tips could help if you are looking to do just that. Continue reading

How to light a pilot light on a boiler

Many people find themselves at a loss if the pilot light goes out, not knowing what to do. You should always use the manual if you are looking for instructions on how to light a pilot light on a boiler. The other option is to call on an engineer who would be more than happy to help you. Continue reading

How much does it cost to run a biomass boiler?

When people choose new boilers, the prices typically make or break the deal. Many people out there are probably wondering how much does it cost to run a biomass boiler? Being experts in central heating and boiler installation, we have all the facts on these devices, including their costs. We can look at how much you need to pay for the machine, the fuel, and upkeep too. Continue reading