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A look at commercial boiler installation cost

The team at Warm is one that knows all about the important details surrounding boilers. This makes it easy for us to answer questions when people want to know more about them. One of the most common inquiries relates to commercial boiler installation cost. To help you, we have lots of information on the subject below. Continue reading

Can you put a boiler in a cupboard?

At Warm, we know a lot about boilers and how despite their usefulness, they will not be the most beautiful item in your home. This can lead to people looking at ways to hide the appliance and asking questions like, can you put a boiler in a cupboard? We will look to answer this question below so you know what you can and can’t do. Continue reading

Are there any combi boiler installation regulations?

are there any combi boiler installation regulationsOne of the main appliances that people use to heat their home is the combi boiler. Modern models are famous for their energy saving abilities, compact size, and convenience. Knowing about all these advantages, you are probably thinking of introducing one to your own property. However, you may be wondering, are there any combi boiler installation regulations? We have all the answers you need right here. Continue reading

How much does biomass cost?

If you are one of the people asking how much does biomass cost, the prices vary considerably. However, this tends to be an option that is cheaper than other heating systems. If you compare them to gas and oil boilers, biomass is also better when you look at environmental impact, options for funding, and fuel costs. Continue reading

When was my boiler installed?

A boiler is a complex appliance which gives people access to heating and hot water. While you should know, you might find yourself asking a question like when was my boiler installed. You might not remember or the previous homeowners may not have told you the installation date. This information is important so you can schedule things like services and power flushing. It also gives you an indication of when you may need a replacement. Continue reading

How much is a new gas boiler?

If you ask people about the most important item in their home, the majority of them are likely to say their boiler. You can’t blame them when it is an appliance that provides essential heating and hot water. Everything to do with the appliance, from maintenance to replacement, needs doing right. Professional services are safe and more reliable. The engineers can also offer advice, including answers to questions like how much is a new gas boiler? Continue reading

What size electric boiler do I need?

A boiler is an important investment for your property. Because of this, it is essential that you choose one that matches your needs. You might find yourself asking questions like what size electric boiler do I need? If so, Warm can help you to find a professional engineer who can advise you. Continue reading

Does a gas boiler use electricity?

A boiler is an essential appliance that provides people with a convenient way to heat their homes and access hot water. While you might love having this in place, there are plenty of boiler owners who don’t fully understand how they work. You might even have a question like does a gas boiler use electricity? We are happy to offer advice and also make it easy to arrange reliable services. Continue reading