How much does it cost to move a boiler?

There are many reasons people decide to move boilers. It is often that the current location is inconvenient. It might be that the appliance is taking up a kitchen cupboard. On the other hand, it might be that it is in a bedroom where it is bothersome. In these cases, you might find yourself asking – how much does it cost to move a boiler?

Why Bother?

boiler moveSome people are lucky enough to have their boiler tucked away in an area like a cupboard with boxed away pipe work. Many others have to live with their appliance ruining the look of their kitchen or bathroom. It can also take up valuable space that you will be able to use a better way. So, why not completely hide the machine out of site in your loft? There will be no pipes and boiler to look at, but people will still be able to access it when necessary.

The purposes of rooms change, so it may be a good idea to move your boiler out of the way into your loft. This gives you the chance to utilise the valuable space it took up in the past. It is a wise choice if you want a larger machine and there is not enough room in the current space. Moving a boiler into a loft space might be because of aesthetics or a lack of space elsewhere. Whatever the reason, it is possible.

Moving the machine can stop it disturbing you and frees up space you would rather use for something else. Depending on the layout of your property, it might also allow for faster water response. This could give you hot water and heating faster. Make sure the new location is easily accessible though so that engineers can work on the boiler.

What does relocation cost?

how much does it cost to move a boilerThere are a lot of potential costs with moving a boiler. It is important to understand that every property and move is unique. As a result some tasks are easier than others in different cases. We have some estimate figures of how much does it cost to move a boiler below so you can get a rough idea of the cost.

Firstly, you need to choose the new boiler you want. This can cost be approximately £700 – £2,000, depending on the type you choose. Keep in mind that there are different price points for each style of appliance and brand. You can therefore choose between budget and prestige options.

There are also other costs with boiler relocation such as:

  • Pipework and additional fittings
  • Boiler controls
  • Boiler flue
  • Extension flue pipe
  • Magnetic central heating filter

On top of this there are labour costs to think about. These include making a hole for the flue and running the condensate pipe to a waste pipe. You may also need new plumbing, gas or even electric lines.

Influencing Factors

The price of having a boiler moved depends on numerous factors like the complexity of the job. This includes the existing pipe work that you have in place in the property and how far you want to move the appliance.

On average, you can expect this job to cost you around £300 to £800 including parts and labour. There are factors to remember such as:

  • Boiler flue – £70 to £120
  • Extension flue pipe/flue bends – £40 per metre
  • Magnetic filter – £100 to £120
  • Controls – £70 to £650
  • Pipe work/fittings – £300 to £600

You may also want to look at getting a new boiler at the same time. After all you won’t want to move it if you will need a new one installing shortly afterwards. If yours is not that old, it will be okay. Your best option though is to talk to one of our experts for their opinion.

Replacing a combi boiler with a new mid-range one in a different location can have a total cost of approximately £2,650. However, this can change depending on things like the price of products, complications, and how difficult the move is. Costs can also rise when you are switching boiler types. Here the cost could be roughly £3,000 if you go from a conventional system to a combi.

Boiler relocation expenses – The key considerations

The cost of relocating a boiler depends on a series of things that you must not forget about. Prior to the move and going ahead with your plans, you have to think about the basic requirements and costs. At Warm, we offer unrivalled services that focus on improving your property. In addition, we can supply you with helpful information relating to moving boilers.

The price of moving a boiler will depend on the model you currently own. After all, there’s more than one type on the market.

Combination boilers

how much to move a boilerLet’s start by looking at combi models. A standard installation shall cost between £2,500 and £3,000. This includes the costs of refitting the boiler controls, repositioning pipe work, and installing a new flue if the appliance burns fuel. Concerning the latter, you must also think about the coring of a new hole for the fitting whilst shifting your machine.

There are other costs you’ll need to consider too. This includes rubbish removal, which can cost up to £100. Additionally, you might have to cover the cost of running augmented gas supply pipes. There may also be a separate condensate pipe, which connects to a drain.

System and regular boilers

When relocating regular and system models you must think about the price of repositioning water tanks as well. For regular designs, you may need to relocate a hot water cylinder and cold water storage tank. You may be set back by £100 per tank.

Universal costs

Finally, there are the universal costs to consider. They include VAT as well as the bill for the engineer’s labour. In the UK, the current VAT rate is 20%. Contractors shall introduce this according to the quote they issue for their services.

At the end of the day the best thing you can do is call a professional and ask – how much does it cost to move a boiler? They can look at your specific needs and property to decide a fee.

Making boiler relocations simple

We know it can be hard to find a trustworthy tradesperson who can offer you a good quote for the work you need. However, with Warm this is a thing of the past. Ring us and we can provide you with no-obligation quotes from engineers in your area. They can complete numerous jobs and help answer your questions like how much does it cost to move a boiler. Don’t wait; reach out to Warm today.

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