Emergency Boiler Repairs

Get Free, No Obligation Boiler QuotesAt Warm, we make it as easy and stress-free as possible for you to get a price for the work you need. This could be a complete new installation, a service, or repairs when your appliance stops working. We will help you find professional engineers with the skills to complete work to a high standard.

Your boiler and central heating are essential. Without them you won’t have any hot water and will struggle to keep the property warm. This could lead to all kinds of issues, including damage to your health. Plus, it just isn’t pleasant when you aren’t warm and comfortable. If you encounter a problem it is best to arrange emergency repairs as soon as possible. This way you can get it sorted and back to normal so that you do not have to worry about it.

Boiler Repair

What problems can occur with my boiler that will need Emergency Repairs?

Boilers can stop working for a number of reasons. It can be due to a single critical malfunction or a series of little issues that have combined. Even if the machine seems to be working properly there could be some hidden problems getting worse behind the scenes. This is why it is advised to get regular servicing.

The biggest issue that can occur with your boiler is it cutting out completely leaving you without heat or hot water. As you can imagine, this is not a good sign at all. When it fails to switch on leaving you with without anything on the screen and won’t fire up when you try to heat water or turn your central heating on, it’s basically useless. This leaves you in need of a solution to get your appliance back in use.

Other problems include those such as:

  • Leaks or dripping
  • Kettling (banging noises coming from the appliance)
  • Lost pressure
  • Frozen condensate pipe
  • Thermostat malfunction
  • The pilot light has gone out
  • The boiler switches itself off
  • Gas is leaking

The problem is that even when you are just having a problem heating your home, there are many issues and potential causes which must be established. You might be able to figure it out but if you are ever unsure, you should leave your boiler alone and call in a professional.

A professional engineer will be able to resolve each of these issues, even if they have to replace parts. You should contact a specialist at the earliest opportunity to ensure a fast response. They’ll sort out whatever they need to in order to get your boiler operating again. If it is beyond repair or it would be better cost wise to install a new appliance, this is also something we can help with.

Why does my central heating stop working?

There are also a number of potential issues with central heating. The most common ones are:

  • Radiators won’t heat up
  • The tops of radiators are cold
  • The bottoms of radiators are cold

Emergency boiler RepairsAgain a professional engineer should be able to provide emergency repairs. Most of them can be traced to issues with machinery such as valves or pumps. Blockages of dirt or trapped air can result in many issues with them.

When an engineer arrives at your home they should start by doing a full inspection of the boiler. The check can help them to find the problem (or problems) and determine what course of action is necessary.

Listen to your engineer

You should take the time to speak to the engineer and find out what they recommend. Generally you will want the quickest possible response so you get the heating and hot water back on. It is worth thinking long term though. For example it may be better to consider a new installation, especially if the cost of the repair is substantial.

Emergency Boiler Repairs & Servicing

Our engineers can repair and service most systems to ensure it operates at the right efficiency and also prevents further problems from arising. If your boiler has a issue, we can also investigate saving you from the stress and hassle caused from the issue.

gas safety

Emergency Gas Safe Engineers

All our engineers authorised members of Gas Safe and can provide a number of emergency gas/heating services for both domestic and commercial properties. Our emergency gas engineers carry a Gas Safe Register ID card showing the type of gas work they are qualified to do.

Plumbing Emergencies & Repairs

fix broken boiler

When an emergency arises don’t panic! Warm are here to help you. We can provide assistance with any emergency plumbing or heating situation the very same day.

Our team are on hand to deal all boiler problems, from water leaks and burst pipes, to repairing any water systems in your property or business, such as your radiators and bathrooms.

If you are in need of an emergency boiler repair for your boiler or central heating system warm.co.uk can help. We only work with Gas Safe Registered engineers all across the UK. As a result, we can dispatch them to people in need promptly. You can reach us at 0800 311 8990 or complete the quote form.