What are the main boiler issues you can experience?

A guide outlining the most common boiler issues

If you find yourself struggling with major boiler issues it’s always best to call in a professional Gas Safe registered engineer to take a look.

However, small issues may be something you can fix by yourself. They don’t involve touching the machine in any way. Therefore, it’s perfectly safe for you to try and sort out the issue yourself.

If you’ve attempted to fix the issue but without success, you must not risk tinkering with the appliance. Work should only be carried out by an expert engineer who knows exactly what to look for.

No Heat In The Radiators

cold radiatorsIf you check your radiators and they don’t seem to be heating up properly, this could mean one of several things. Firstly, there may be a build up of air in the system. Alternatively, rusty pipes or a broken system pump could cause the issue.

The first thing to do is to bleed all the radiators of air by using your radiator key. If the radiators are still not working as they should be, then we recommend you call in the experts. They will know exactly how to fix the problem and might even suggest powerflushing the system.

A Boiler Making Noises

If your machine is making strange noises, this could mean there’s a build-up of limescale within the system.

These strange clunking, whistling and banging noises are ‘kettling’. There are several causes, including limescale build-up. Noises coming from your boiler could also be due to a build-up of air.

To try and resolve the issue, use a radiator key to bleed all the radiators. If this doesn’t solve the problem, a Gas Safe engineer should carry out the necessary repairs.

A Malfunctioning Boiler

boiler malfunctionA malfunction could be down to one of many problems. However, the most common are a frozen condensate pipe, a build up of air, issues with the water pressure, a faulty thermostat, or a broken pump.

The first thing we recommend you do is check that the condensate pipe is not frozen. If it turns out to be that the case, you must thaw it out.

If after thawing the problems still exist, try bleeding the radiators and ask around the neighbourhood to see if there’s any issues with the water pressure.

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