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  • When is it the right time to turn on the central heating? - After the scorching hot heat wave this summer in the UK, the heating may be the last thing on your mind. The truth though is that the cold weather is on its way, whether you want it to or not.
  • Don’t make the mistake of not checking the heating - Buying a new home is exciting but there is an element of risk. You can't guarantee that everything is as it seems in the property. Therefore you may move in and find there are a number of issues that you
  • Going on holiday in winter? - In all the rush to get ready and go on holiday you may forget to prepare your home for your absence. In winter this can result in some big problems because of the low temperatures. The last thing you want
  • The evolution of boiler technology – modern features you’ll love - Companies are always competing to be the best, and the boiler market is no different. Because of advancements in boiler technology, there have been big changes in the features over the last decade. A number of them are very beneficial.
  • Are you moving into a home with no central heating? - Turning on the heating may not be the first thing on your mind at the moment, but you have to remember that the colder months are on their way. By caring for your central heating system you are ensuring that
  • Meet Colin the Combi West Bromwich Albion FC’s new mastcot - The English Football League Championship got underway at the weekend. There were plenty of great sights, including late goals as well as drama. One thing many people didn't expect to see though was a combi boiler. Surprisingly there was one
  • A boiler scrappage scheme for London SMEs - The Mayor of London is working hard to improve air quality in the capital. The newest initiative to help with this is a £10million scrappage scheme for boilers. As a result small to medium size businesses (SMEs) will be able
  • Central heating energy saving myths to be aware of - People across the UK do an array of different things to save energy and cut their bills. This includes investing in insulation and efficient new modern boilers. While many of the things can have positive results, there are a number
  • Which home improvements provide the best profit? - Home investments can add value to a property if you are looking to sell it. There are plenty of different things you could try, but which offer the best potential for profit? GoCompare home insurance recently revealed a study that
  • Trust the tradespeople you go to - Letting a stranger into your home is something many try to avoid. But when you need work carrying out, you have to find someone to do this for you. It is important to select a professional you trust, regardless of

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