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The Boiler Upgrade Scheme

Warm has had the pleasure to help countless individuals across the UK with their boiler and central heating problems. We accomplish this by putting them in contact with the most skilful engineers in their local areas. With our aid, it won’t be long until you find a professional to assist you. In addition, we take note of important boiler and heating news, like the new information surrounding heat pump grants. The Boiler Upgrade Scheme is one you should definitely look at for next year. Continue reading

Can you get help with your boiler during coronavirus lockdown?

CoronavirusCoronavirus is changing the world around us as we try to overcome the disease. The changes to society are huge, particularly social distancing and many more people working from home. With people spending a lot more time at home, there is extra pressure on their boilers. This raises the question, what can you do if your boiler breaks? Can an engineer or plumber come into your home to fix if while lockdown is in affect? We want to take a closer look at this to see what it means for boiler services, repairs, and more. Continue reading

Is your boiler an optimal size for your property?

Everyone wants a home that can provide them with all of the heat and hot water they could want. For this reason, many individuals end up purchasing boilers that are bigger than they need. Installers tend to comply and after all, it is better for a building to have too much power for heating instead of too little – right? Well, we are here to shed some light on why this is not exactly the case. Instead, we will show why it is better to have the correct size boiler. Continue reading

Keeping those price spikes to a minimum

One thing boiler owners want to know above all else is what the perfect home temperature is to keep warm without spending a huge amount. Experts in central heating and boiler installation and repairs have some research into this subject. The data provides some really useful information. According to it, having your thermostat between 18 and 20°C is preferable. Continue reading

What are the benefits of central heating boilers?

At the moment, Britain is enjoying a spell of warm weather. It might feel like it is going to last forever, but it will not. Autumn and winter will eventually be here again and it is at this time that access to heating becomes vital. It might be worthwhile looking into installing an efficient system. When considering central heating and boiler installation Bedford property owners should contact experts. This will ensure a great service. Continue reading

Don’t let a build-up of sludge make your heating inefficient

Warm is the perfect place to find experts offering the boiler installation Basingstoke property owners can count on. These specialists can also assist you when you are dealing with issues like a sludge build-up in your heating system. As a result, we can help you to ensure the long term efficiency of your boiler and central heating. Continue reading