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Left in the cold: 65% of pensioners only use their heating 3 months a year


Fuel poverty and rising cost of living mean many only heat their homes three months per year, if that. Britain’s pensioners are turning off their domestic heat for as much as nine months every year …

What you can do to avoid a boiler breakdown


Having boiler breakdown cover does take the stress out of a boiler breakdown but what simple measures can we follow ourselves to ensure our boiler stays in tip top working condition all year round. Here’s …

Boiler oil thieves in Scotland leave pensioners cold over the New Year


Couple from Outer Hebrides have a miserable start to the New Year after boiler oil theft at their home A number of domestic boiler heating oil thefts in the Western Isles have led to a …

Boiler and heating tips from the experts


Drying clothes on radiators can bump up your energy bills and make your boiler work harder We’re probably all guilty of doing it at some point during the winter – drying clothes on the radiators …

Farmers first to turn the heating off, survey finds


Farming sector is turning off the central heating to cut costs, but increasingly using wood to heat their homes. Increasing numbers of farmers are turning away from central heating in favour of both old fashioned …

Dads celebrate as the central heating is switched off


The annual battle parents vs kids battle over the thermostat is over. Until September. It’s that time of years as parents celebrate the end of the annual battle over thermostat as warm spring weather means …

A complete guide to boiler installation from the experts


The boiler installation process from start to finish Now that you’ve contacted us about having a new boiler fitted, you need to know how the process works and what to expect from the installation. We …

Spooky activity found on a combi boiler in Ashford


The Victorian character appeared on the family boiler after service work had been carried out ‘A Christmas Carol’ type of spookiness occurred at a family home in Kent last week, when the image of a …

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