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Do you want to improve the efficiency of your boiler?

Without a working boiler your home won’t have heat or hot water. This can put the health of everybody in the property at risk. If the appliance is not working properly it will also be wasting energy and potentially produce harmful carbon monoxide. Luckily we can help. With one call to Warm you can find quotes for local boiler engineers. They can arrange the most reliable boiler installation Aberdeen has to offer as well as completing repairs, powerflushing, and more. Continue reading

Tips and tricks for lowering your heating bills

heating billsWhen it is a little chilly outside, it is easy to turn up the heating. But, many people avoid doing this purely because of the expense. This isn’t something you should have to worry about. There are plenty of tips you can use to lower your heating bills while still being able to control the temperature as you want to. Continue reading

Will designer boilers be hanging in the kitchen in the future?

designer boilersWhen people think about a boiler, they tend to focus on the function and don’t consider how they look. Yes, they can be bulky and often noisy, but when placed out of the way they still do precisely what you need them to – provide heat and hot water. However, some people don’t have the option to hide the appliance. Here they may want to choose attractive designer boilers. The sleek look and modern features can make them a great addition to a kitchen. Continue reading

Is your boiler not working efficiently? What to look out for

A boiler is no different from any other machine or system; you need to take care of it. In order to do this, you need to have a professional install it and schedule regular maintenance. Even with this, after enough time has passed your system might suffer from complications. You may even end up wondering why is your boiler not working efficiently. There are many reasons and lots of signs that it is not as efficient as it was. Continue reading

Tips for saving energy through your central heating

People are familiar with tactics like turning off electrical items when they’re not in use to save power. There are numerous other ways you can cut down your energy usage. This includes altering the way you use your central heating. Read on if you would like tips for energy saving through your central heating. Continue reading

Important information for resetting a boiler

Modern boilers can be very efficient and reliable but this doesn’t mean that there will never be an issue with one. Sometimes you might need to reset the appliance so that you can get your hot water and heating back. A boiler will typically shut off when a fault develops, stopping it from working safely and effectively. Luckily we can offer advice about resetting a boiler and help you to arrange repairs. Continue reading