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Is your boiler not working efficiently? What to look out for

A boiler is no different from any other machine or system; you need to take care of it. In order to do this, you need to have a professional install it and schedule regular maintenance. Even with this, after enough time has passed your system might suffer from complications. You may even end up wondering why is your boiler not working efficiently. There are many reasons and lots of signs that it is not as efficient as it was. Continue reading

A quick look at finding boiler insurance

One of the most expensive forms of a home emergency is a boiler breakdown. You might be in need of repairs costing hundreds of pounds. Another possibility is a replacement setting you back around two to three thousand. There are some ways you can protect yourself from these costs though. One way is to ensure you get regular servicing so the appliance is in a good condition and little problems are easier to fix. A second option is to invest in boiler insurance. Continue reading

Important information for resetting a boiler

Modern boilers can be very efficient and reliable but this doesn’t mean that there will never be an issue with one. Sometimes you might need to reset the appliance so that you can get your hot water and heating back. A boiler will typically shut off when a fault develops, stopping it from working safely and effectively. Luckily we can offer advice about resetting a boiler and help you to arrange repairs. Continue reading

Tackling common boiler problems

Common boiler problemsIt is easy to get heat and hot water with a quality boiler and central heating system. You might not need it constantly but it is a comfort to know that it is there and ready for when you need it. Unfortunately, break downs do happen. Even a small issue needs addressing promptly. This drastically reduces the chance of a larger issue developing. With Warm you can get a solution for all common boiler problems as well as more complex ones. Continue reading