Will designer boilers be hanging in the kitchen in the future?

designer boilersWhen people think about a boiler, they tend to focus on the function and don’t consider how they look. Yes, they can be bulky and often noisy, but when placed out of the way they still do precisely what you need them to – provide heat and hot water. However, some people don’t have the option to hide the appliance. Here they may want to choose attractive designer boilers. The sleek look and modern features can make them a great addition to a kitchen.

A lot of people place boilers in a garage or loft, or maybe even in the kitchen but tucked away in the cupboard. Because of this, you would likely be very surprised to hear someone ask you, “Do you want to see my new boiler?”. Instead of keeping this appliance out of sight, have you seen the new Worcester Bosch boilers? The manufacturer has designed an incredibly sleek model as a part of its hi-tech range.

New designer boilers

The UK’s go-to manufacturer created the appliance so that it could be the first designer boiler for the industry. It uses a glossy finish and smooth lines to make it look gorgeous. The wall-hung machine is something you won’t want to hide in a cupboard.

Of course, aesthetics are not the most important part of a boiler. This product combines its good looks with its power and high hot water flow rate. Even though it can comfortably heat a large home, it is beautifully quiet.

The Life boiler has a push-button LCD and comes in white. The Style gives you the choice of black or white and has a full-colour display text screen with ‘touch’ buttons which allow for easy control. You can connect the boiler to a smart thermostat so that you can control your heating and hot water from your phone, even when you’re not at home.

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