Ideal Boiler Service

A lot of people become loyal to brands and boilers are no exception. Take Ideal for example, this is a company that has spent over 100 years producing and supplying high quality, innovative, great value boilers to the domestic and commercial sectors. However, any boiler can only perform so well without the necessary level of maintenance. For this reason, you need to make sure you get an annual Ideal boiler service to allow for optimal performance.

Book an Ideal boiler service and you can enjoy:

  • Ideal Boiler ServiceIncreased reliability – You will find that your boiler has a longer and simpler life when you care for it through regular servicing. Annual maintenance will help make sure your appliance is able to provide you with hot water and heating you can rely on. This will keep you comfortable for years.
  • Better energy efficiency – When you book a service every year, you can keep your boiler energy efficient. Engineers will check your appliance to ensure it is running efficiently. This helps avoid wasting energy and heat which, consequently, will leave you with lower fuel bills.
  • Improved safety – You can make sure all the components of your boiler are operating as they should do. A trained gas Safe engineer can check your appliance and help keep it running safely. You can then rest easy knowing it is able to combust fuel in a safe manner.

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Warm is the specialist team that can help you find the services you need for your boiler and central heating. Whether this is installation or servicing, you can count on us. The engineers we work with have experience working with all kinds of boilers including Ideal models.

Ideal Combi Boiler Servicing

This type of boiler is best suited to small homes that only have a single bathroom. Combination boilers are incredibly compact and can deliver your hot water as well as heating. This is a unit that is capable of supplying you with what you need without the use of a storage tank or cylinder. The Ideal range includes:

  • Logic Max Combi
  • Vogue Max Combi
  • Vogue Gen2 Combi
  • Logic+ Combi

Ideal System Boiler Servicing

If you have a property with multiple bathrooms, it is likely that a system boiler will be the best Boiler Servicingtype of appliance for you. They only need a cylinder for storing hot water making them fantastic for houses that do not have a great deal of loft space for a tank. If you opt for an ideal system boiler, you can choose from:

  • Logic Max System
  • Vogue Max System
  • Vogue Gen2 System
  • Logic+ System

Ideal Heat Only Boiler Servicing

You might also hear a heat only boiler referred to as a conventional boiler. This is an appliance that needs both a cold-water storage tank and a hot water cylinder. This is the type that is perfect when you have a property with many bathrooms. In terms of heat only products, Ideal offers:

  • Logic Max Heat
  • Logic+ Heat
  • Mexico HE

How much does it cost for an Ideal boiler service?

Ideal is a brilliant choice when you are looking for value in a boiler. To get the most from this investment, you also need regular maintenance in the form of servicing. It is crucial that you use someone who is on the Gas Safe register that knows how to work with Ideal products.

Prices will change depending on the type of ideal boiler you have, as this impacts what work is necessary. Furthermore, it will depend on who you turn to.

Factors that influence servicing prices

In addition to what we have stated above, there are other things that come into play when it comes to establishing how much it will cost for an Ideal boiler service.

A one off service or a cover plan?

Paying for a service one at a time soon adds up. A lot of people instead choose to invest in boiler cover. For a monthly price, you can get coverage that includes services along with breakdowns and other maintenance. This monthly or quarterly payments are a better option for a lot of people.

Boiler Servicing QuotesWhere you are located

Prices for servicing vary depending on where in the country you are situated. For instance, people in London should expect to pay more than most for boiler work as is the case with a lot of things.

Time of day

It might be more convenient for you to book a service at the weekend, however most people are in the same position. Evenings are similar in this regard. This demand can lead to higher prices at these times.

Arrange an Ideal boiler service with the help of Warm

It can be stressful to spend your time looking for someone to help you with your appliance. Even when you do find someone, the work isn’t over as you have to make sure they’re trustworthy and offer a great price. To make things easier on yourself, why not let Warm help you?

It is incredibly easy to book an Ideal boiler service with our help. We only put you in contact with expert engineers on the Gas Safe register who can complete a range of services. Fill out our quote form or reach out on 0800 311 8990 to speak to our friendly team.