Vaillant Boiler Service

Do you need a Vaillant Boiler Service? Vaillant have been making boilers and heating systems since 1874. They are renowned for making reliable and innovative appliances that are effective and trustworthy. It’s vital though that you have a professional Vaillant boiler service to keep them operating as they should.

Regular servicing of Vaillant boilers ensures:

  • Your boiler is safe: Vaillant boilers are gas powered. That means even thoughVaillant Boiler Servicethey are very safe, there is always the potential that they can become unsafe if not looked after properly. One could be leaking gas, or carbon monoxide, both of which can be deadly. A Vaillant boiler service will check the appliance in its entirety and ensure that it is working safely. This gives you and your family peace of mind.
  • Your boiler is efficient: Just as you want your appliance to be safe, you want it to be efficient too. The more inefficient it is, the more gas it uses which YOU have to pay for every time it is in use. Our Vaillant boiler service will ensure that your appliance is operating as efficiently as it can; this can save you significant amounts of money over the lifetime of your appliance.
  • Your boiler is environmentally friendly: An efficient appliance is an environmentally friendly one.  After-all it will use less gas and therefore significantly reduces your carbon footprint.
  • Do You Provide The Full Range Of Vaillant Combi Boiler Servicing? Yes, our expert engineers can offer the full range of services.

Vaillant Combi Boilers

Vaillant Combination boilers are hugely popular because they heat water as you draw it from the tap. They’re perfect for lots of different types of property, especially those that may be short on space. This is because they do not require a cylinder or a water storage tank. The following appliances can be serviced by our engineers:

  • ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 835, 843, combination plus, and 24, 28 and 30 kW range
  • ecoFIT pure Combination Boiler (825, 830 and 835 outputs)

Vaillant System Boilers

These appliances need a cylinder to store the hot water. However, thanks to the fact that all the components are within the boiler itself, there’s no need for a tank in the loft. Our engineers are able to service Vaillant system boilers including:

  • ecoTEC exclusive Green iQ 627 and plus System Boilers
  • ecoFIT pure System Boiler

Vaillant Open Vent Boilers

These link to an outside vent, providing central heating and hot water by using a tank and storage cylinder. Our boiler engineers are able to service:

  • ecoTEC plus Open Vent (12, 15, 18, 24, 30 and 38kW outputs)

How Much Does a Vaillant Boiler Service Cost?

If you have a Vaillant boiler or are considering purchasing one then you may be aware that they have an excellent reputation both in terms of safety and efficiency. However, for them to continue to be reliable, safe and efficient, it is vital that you have them regularly serviced.

Quite simply, there are various Vaillant boiler service prices. This is because the distinct models require slightly different services. Some of them may be slightly longer and more involved than others.

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What Other Factors Need To Be Considered?

There are other factors that can affect the cost of a Vaillant boiler service too:

  • Where you are in the UK: If you’re in a town or a city, you may find that boiler services are a bit cheaper than if you were in a more remote area. This is because engineers in busier areas spend less time travelling between jobs thannew electric boiler cost their rural counterparts. You may also find a north/south divide. Boiler services in London can be more expensive thanks to a higher cost of living and other issues such as the congestion charge.
  • Time of year: Most people only start thinking about having their boiler serviced when they are approaching Autumn and Winter. This means engineers are very busy at these times. They are not as busy in the Spring and Summer months where you may find a discount on services.
  • Time of day: The Vaillant boiler service cost will also change based on the time. Weekend or  evening job may cause the price to rise slightly.

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