The Boiler Replacement Cost
May surprise you and be less than you think…

boiler replacement price

Are you considering replacing your boiler? It could be one of the best decisions you make.

Did you know that as much as 60% of the average household’s energy spending goes on heating? It’s even more if there’s a particularly cold winter that year. If your appliance is some years old and has been poorly maintained, then it is almost certainly not as efficient as it could be.

Technology is marching on all the time in the heating and plumbing industry, meaning boilers are getting ever more efficient. That means by exploring the cost of a boiler replacement is a wise move. You could make big savings as well as having a safer appliance too.

Why Do Boilers Need Replacing?

There are a number of reasons why an appliance may need replacing at your home or business. These include:

Lack Of Function – As the years go by, boilers are getting safer, more efficient, and receiving more features too. So your old one may not have features such as a timer or in-depth thermostat control. Investing in a new boiler can give you access to these.

Un-repairable – Your boiler may not be able to be repaired in which case you have no choice but to get a replacement. Or repair may be possible, but it is not cost-efficient. Once again, investing in a new Boiler Replacement Costone is your only real choice in this situation and one that once you experience it in action you won’t regret.

Location – Do you have a floor-based appliance? If so, the latest research suggests that these are very inefficient and that you could make significant efficiency savings if you were to replace it with a more convention one that is mounted. The fact is too that floor-based boilers tend to be quite old, a good reason in itself to get a new one.

Pilot Light – Does your boiler have a continuous pilot light? If so, it’s probably quite old and likely to be very inefficient. You will almost certainly be paying too much for your gas bills and you could lower them significantly by replacing it.

High Energy Bills – If you seem to be having increasingly high energy bills and you’ve done everything you can think of to cut costs but to no avail, it could be that your boiler could be to blame. A new one will almost always be more efficient than an old appliance and should save you a good amount of money on your energy bills.

How Much Does a Boiler Replacement Cost?

There’s no simple or straightforward answer to give a boiler replacement price. This is because there are various factors to look at:

What Type Of Boiler?

Boiler Replacement

There are different types available. You may choose to get the same type as you already have but you may benefit from a different type. Types include:

System – Combi – Regular – Electric

Which Manufacturer?

You may have a preference for particular boiler manufacturers. This can also affect the replacement boiler cost. Manufacturers include:

BaxiPottertonGlow-WormIdealVaillantWorcester bosch

The process of buying a new boiler replacement can be daunting at first. What type of boiler do you need? Which is the best brand? How much does a new boiler cost?

Great news, a new boiler replacement is what we do here at! Here we take a look at what to expect in terms of the cost of new boiler installation. To kick things off, here are some typical boiler costs (excluding installation) for the best-known boiler brands.

Glow-wormFrom £560 to £980
IdealFrom £700 to £1,050
PottertonFrom £700 to £1,050
BaxiFrom £730 to £830
VaillantFrom £800 to £1,450
WorcesterFrom £1,300 to £2,100

Where Is It?

If your boiler is in a particularly difficult place to access then this may significantly increase the time needed to install a replacement boiler. This will have a big impact on the boiler replacement cost. It could rise because of the added time and labour involved.