How much will a New Boiler Cost?

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Decided that you need to replace your heating systems but are wondering about the new boiler cost? Like any item you can buy for your home, there are a range of prices. Costs vary a lot because there are many factors that affect the price of a new boiler such as the quality of the build and components.

Whilst cost isn’t always a factor in the quality, budget systems do tend to have shorter lifespans and warranties. On the other hand, you typically get a longer lifespan and warranty with more expensive systems.

There are exceptions though. Our specialist advisors are more than happy to talk you through the options that are available for you needs and budget.

How much will a New Boiler be?

Below are a series of brief estimates of the possible price of a boiler. We consider different scenarios and how much it would cost to get a new mid range boiler. Keep in mind there will be many other prices at this and other price points.

Regular Boilers
Type of installation Estimate cost Duration of installation
Replacing a current regular boiler with a like for like appliance Approximate cost £1,750 Around 24 hours depending on the specifics
Installing a replacement regular boiler in a new location Approximate cost £2,100 Between 24 and 48 hours depending on connections
Combi Boilers
Type of installation Estimated cost Installation time
A like for like replacement in the same location Around £1,995 A day
A new installation in a brand new location Around £2,600 1 to 2 days
Replacing a regular boiler with a new combi Around £2,950 (more if the boiler is installed in a new location) 2 to 3 days
Back boilers
Type of installation Approximate cost Time needed for installation
Installing a new system boiler to replace an old back boiler £2,700 48 hours on average
Installing a new combi boiler in place of a back boiler £2,950 48 to 72 hours on average
Factors that affect the price of a New Boiler include:
Type of Boiler

Different types have unique components and complexities of installation. This can result in a varying cost of a new boiler depending upon what type you get.

  • Regular boiler – Require a separate hot water tank to be installed.
  • System boiler – Need a cylinder but have all of the major components in the appliance.
  • Combi boiler – The simplest to install as they do not need a hot water cylinder or storage tank.
  • CHP  boiler – A new type that combines heat and power that is relatively easy to install.

The cost between the different types isn’t huge. This means that you should never pick on cost alone. You need to get the type that is most suitable for your needs. Doing this generally results in you paying a lower lifetime cost for your appliance.

A new A-rated boiler could save you up to £320* on your annual energy bills.
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There are a range of manufacturers all making a selection of different types of boilers. Like any product, you will find that there are premium and budget brands as well as suppliers that make a range at different price points. It is vital to think about the manufacture when considering how much does a new boiler is going to cost. Manufacturers include:

Chaffoteaux and Maury | Ideal Boilers | Worcester Bosch Boilers
Glow-Worm | Vaillant Boilers |Baxi Boilers | Vokera


It’s not just the cost of the appliance itself that you have to factor in when looking at new boiler. You need to look at the installation too. Various factors can add or reduce the price of a new heating systems including:


If you are replacing a boiler with the same type in the same location then you should be able to get a very good price for this. This is because this is a simple and straightforward install. If you are installing a new type or you are moving the location, you could find yourself with higher costs for your new appliance.

Quality of Installer

There are some people out there that charge very little for installations but almost always these people are not Gas Safe registered. They are not regularly checked for their competence and you risk a faulty install which could pose a danger to you and your family’s health. We only use Gas Safe registered engineers because we take our customers safety very, very seriously.

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