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Tackling common boiler problems

Common boiler problemsIt is easy to get heat and hot water with a quality boiler and central heating system. You might not need it constantly but it is a comfort to know that it is there and ready for when you need it. Unfortunately, break downs do happen. Even a small issue needs addressing promptly. This drastically reduces the chance of a larger issue developing. With Warm you can get a solution for all common boiler problems as well as more complex ones. Continue reading

Are you cutting corners with gas safety?

The Gas Safety Register’s recent campaign looked into people “cutting corners”. They found that many people across the nation leave themselves at risk because they take this approach. If you want to check risks in your home, rely on the team at Warm. We can offer a full range of services including inspecting boilers and also handling repairs and replacements. Continue reading

The most efficient time to turn on the heating

We are a business that works with some of the most skilled engineers in the industry. It’s their job to make sure every central heating system is working properly. To do this they offer installation, repairs and much more. Each engineer is Gas Safe registered and can work within strict deadlines. Where you live also doesn’t matter; we’ll find someone local who is suitable. Continue reading

A zero carbon project is in the works

You might be someone that needs a new boiler. It’s possible that your heating has failed you recently. In either situation, it’s comforting to know that there’s help available. We are a business that offers this. Our company is the greatest when it comes to central heating and boiler installation. We can put you into contact with qualified engineers who can set things right. Continue reading