The most efficient time to turn on the heating

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central heatingWinter is currently upon us and everyone wants to stay warm and cosy in their homes. However, the energy bill shall always be at the back of our minds. Some individuals turn up or turn down their thermostats at specific times, depending on exterior temperatures. Yet, many wonder if there’s a universally efficient time for us to put our heating on. Recently, experts came forward with some advice on the subject.

When it benefits you

Some wake up early on a morning, go to work during the day, and return at night. The ideal approach here would be to operate your heating so that it switches on a short time before you wake up and when you come back. At the same time, you need to ensure that it turns off when you’re away from the house.

Smart thermostats

Smart thermostatAdditionally, the experts recommended that people use smart thermostats. They typically come with several features that can save you money. One such feature is geofencing. It utilises the location of your smartphone to determine whether the heating should be on or off. This is when you’re within a particular distance from your house. By arranging to have your heating turn on at certain times, you can make excellent savings in the long term.

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