A zero carbon project is in the works

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zero carbon heating projectAt present, a zero-carbon home project is underway that aims to transform how we heat our homes. Sunamp and OVO are leading this venture. They’ve obtained £1.6million in government funding. This is to develop a smart electric central heating set up that’s commercially viable. This enterprise combines Sunamp’s connected, super-compact heat batteries with OVO’s intelligent energy platform. Said batteries can stock four times as much heat as hot water tanks that are of identical size.

How does everything work?

This proposed arrangement utilises Sunamp’s high power density, high energy density UniQ batteries. They stockpile heat produced from cheap, renewable electricity. Such action happens via either a direct electric pump or heat pump. It’s a drop-in substitute for gas-fired and hot water cylinder boilers. A charge is what will control the system. This is the intelligent energy management software that OVO uses. It shall optimise charging so you can use inexpensive renewable energy when possible.

central heating and boiler installationCurrently, 90% of the UK’s households depend on burning natural gases for heat. Collectively, this represents more than a quarter of the country’s carbon emissions. Having commercially viable zero-carbon electric heating available is a crucial step towards decarbonising heat.

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