Are you cutting corners with gas safety?

The Gas Safety Register’s recent campaign looked into people “cutting corners”. They found that many people across the nation leave themselves at risk because they take this approach. If you want to check risks in your home, rely on the team at Warm. We can offer a full range of services including inspecting boilers and also handling repairs and replacements.


gas safetyThe aim of the Gas Safety campaign is to raise the awareness of the Gas Safe Register. This is vital then you are trying to find someone qualified to work on appliances like your boiler. There are potentially serious life-threatening consequences if someone who does not have the right training works on your machine.

The official Gas Safe Register is the national body for gas engineers and plumbers. People who want to complete work on a gas appliance must be on the list. This shows everyone that they can work legally as well as safely with the right certification.

Alarming Results

A shocking 1 out of 10 people said they likely won’t service their gas appliances within the upcoming year. 5% said that they will attempt to carry out servicing on their boiler by themselves. In addition, 25% said that they don’t have a carbon monoxide alarm that works.

You might be tempted by a recommendation for an unregistered worker or DIY work. You need to understand that this should never be an option as it can have dire costs. The Register emphasises that corner cutting is okay in some situations but it is never acceptable with gas safety. Any work must be left to a registered engineer. Britain needs to be more aware and recognise the importance of gas safety.

The figures show that we are a nation of people who like to cut corners. Along with information about gas, the findings included how 15% of people cycle without helmets. In addition, 9% do not wear seatbelts when driving.

If you are looking to find an engineer in your area who is on the Gas Safe Register, you can count on Warm. You can learn more by browsing our site or contact us if you require further assistance.