How to light a pilot light on a boiler

Many people find themselves at a loss if the pilot light goes out, not knowing what to do. You should always use the manual if you are looking for instructions on how to light a pilot light on a boiler. The other option is to call on an engineer who would be more than happy to help you.

A pilot light is a component that is found in many older boilers, typically those made before 2004. It is vital because it lights the gas that comes from the main burner. More modern appliances use a reset function instead of this.

Has It Gone Out?

pilot lightYou should regularly check the pilot light of your boiler for issues including a change in the colour of the flame. You might find that it has gone out entirely. This means that you should consult the manual for the specific model. You should be able to find instructions on what to do next here.

In most situations, the steps will be incredibly similar. The first thing that you should do is turn the gas control valve off. Next, open the door to the appliance and locate the pilot light. After this you should light a match and hold it next to the light, then turn the gas control knob to pilot. You should press the reset switch and continue to hold it down for a minute after lighting the tube.

As you can see it should be relatively easy to get the pilot light back on. However, if you are unsure or can’t find the manual, call on a professional to do it.

Ready To Help You

If the pilot light for your boiler keeps going out, then you will need to call in an engineer. Until a professional inspection has taken place, it is difficult to know what the cause is. It could be that it was blown out by a back-draft down the flue, a small issue, or a dangerous fault. Arranging for an engineer to inspect it is simple and also pays off with peace of mind.

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