Keeping those price spikes to a minimum

One thing boiler owners want to know above all else is what the perfect home temperature is to keep warm without spending a huge amount. Experts in central heating and boiler installation and repairs have some research into this subject. The data provides some really useful information. According to it, having your thermostat between 18 and 20°C is preferable.

The cold causes people to pay extra

Central heating and boiler installationNow that you are aware of the optimal temperatures, we have some other information to share. The winter’s nights and cold temperatures can result in spikes in the electrical and energy bills. Most households can expect to pay 20% more during this time. It is important to be ready for this increase in spending so you don’t struggle to pay the bills or experience fuel poverty.

We want to do as much as we can to support people here. Therefore, we have several tips on making the house more energy-efficient to keep it warm for less.

Insulate the property

The first tip focuses on insulation. By insulating your house, you can stop the heat from escaping. As a result, the effects of your home’s heating shall be prolonged. Make sure your doors are well-sealed and that you have quality windows. Double or triple glazing can cut heat loss dramatically. You can then have blinds or curtains to provide extra insulation. Have the foundations and lofts thermally insulated too. Do this, and you can lower the heat loss by 25 to 50%.

Changing light bulbs

Swapping your bulbs is also a good idea. Going from regular halogen bulbs to LED variants can lower energy consumption. Also, they will have a longer lifespan. Professionals believe that you can save around £35 every year by making these simple changes to your lights. This is an excellent example of a short-term investment saving you money in the long-term.

Go for more energy-efficient appliances

Energy Efficient AppliancesThis next tip may seem obvious, but you should purchase more energy-efficient appliances. Exchanging worn out, ineffectual utensils allow homeowners to spend less on energy. Objects like the boiler, fridge, or kettle might not be reaching their full potential. By opting for energy-efficient designs, the quantity of electricity you are using shall drop substantially. At the same time, their performance will improve. Efficiency is one of the main reasons people look at central heating and boiler installation.

Maintain the radiators

Inefficient radiators waste a lot of energy. They may not heat up entirely, meaning you are spending money that is not heating your home. To fix this you should take care to maintain each radiator. Make sure you bleed them often to get rid of any air in the system. You can also get professional power flushing to get rid of any sludge that has built up inside.

We can arrange central heating and boiler installation

Before you start thinking about how to save money however, you need to ensure that you install your boiler correctly. The correct installation methods will also lead to an appliance that is energy efficient.

If you require any assistance with this task, please speak to the team we have here at Warm. We can find a local engineer for you who can handle central heating and boiler installation. As a result, you can easily get new efficient heating for your home.