Gas central heating will be out of our homes by 2050

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Say goodbye to gas

Central heatingThere are several forms of central heating in the world. Gas remains the most popular in the UK. However, this is going to change in the next few decades. It was recently announced that as part of Ofgem’s plans, all gas systems will need to be upgraded or taken out of houses entirely by 2050.

Parliament is aiming to reduce carbon emissions in the UK. They want to cut the amount by 80% based on the quantities measured in 1990. The goal is to tackle climate change and also help the environment.

Gas is bad for the environment for several reasons. Firstly it frees carbon when it is made. On top of this, it releases a lot more when we burn it. There are many cleaners, greener alternatives.

At present, 5% of the energy we use to heat our homes in the UK originates from low carbon sources. The government would like to change this, encouraging people to choose other options rather than gas.

Decarbonising your heating

boiler installationMany strategies of decarbonising heating exist, including central heating and boiler installation to replace old gas systems. Right now, Ofgem is trying to find which one is superior.

One of the possibilities is to do away with gas boilers and then substitute them for a heat network that pumps hot air and water through pipes. Certain areas of London are currently using these systems.

A second idea is to replace the gas models with electric boilers. Some homes out there are already using electricity. However many have storage heaters instead of radiators for heating. Yet, Ofgem has said that it could consider other ways of making homes go down the electric path. Using electricity to operate heat pumps would be one of them.

Finally, it could be possible to upgrade gas boilers so they can function with decarbonised gas. Hydrogen comes to mind here. At this stage, the energy regulator says it is too soon in the game to say how a roll-out of this nature could work. They can’t say if there would be a cost to the homes either.

Low carbon heat and prices

In 2019, energy professionals reported to The Sun that low carbon heat networks and pumps could add as much as £5,000 to the price of a new build. The reason why is due to the expensive bigger radiators and underfloor heating.

According to the co-founder of EnergyHelpline, the simplest way of going green right at the moment is changing to a renewable tariff. He said that the fastest and largest action that a person can do to lower their carbon footprint is choosing renewable electricity. This lowers your yearly carbon footprint by two tonnes. It can also lead to savings sometimes as well.

Expert central heating and boiler installation

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