Is your boiler an optimal size for your property?

Everyone wants a home that can provide them with all of the heat and hot water they could want. For this reason, many individuals end up purchasing boilers that are bigger than they need. Installers tend to comply and after all, it is better for a building to have too much power for heating instead of too little – right? Well, we are here to shed some light on why this is not exactly the case. Instead, we will show why it is better to have the correct size boiler.

An unnecessary expense

boiler sizeIn the past, it was common for people to oversize boilers. This was to compensate for the fact that they would programme their systems to come on two times a day. People would want to heat the property very quickly in the morning. However, nowadays, homes have much better insulation and do not lose as much heat through the night. Because of this, the level of overheating is no longer necessary to reach the temperature you want.

A common mistake people make is replacing their existing boiler on a like for like basis. You should instead pick the best one for your building and needs. It is often that the appliance you are replacing is oversized. Another very likely possibility is that since installation, the property’s heat load has lowered. This can happen as a result of measures like insulation or double glazing.

Bigger does not always mean better

You will be paying more than you have to if your boiler can supply you with more hot water than you require. It is the same if you have one that produces more kilowatts than your radiators can consume. When your boiler is the correct size, it will be much less costly and you will consume fewer resources. On top of this, you will end up with circulating pumps that are sized to the output of your boiler. This will be more cost-effective and produce less noise.

You won’t regret taking the time to check what size boiler you need as it will pay off. You will be able to enjoy a system that is much more efficient, balanced, economical, smoother, and eco-friendly.

Warm help you find the right size boiler

You might be completely clueless on how to ensure you have a correctly sized boiler. This is only natural as it is not something many people know a lot about, but we do. Here at Warm, we can help people with their boiler and central heating needs. Whether you are looking for someone to install a new appliance, complete repairs, or you just want some advice, you can count on us.