Don’t let a build-up of sludge make your heating inefficient

Warm is the perfect place to find experts offering the boiler installation Basingstoke property owners can count on. These specialists can also assist you when you are dealing with issues like a sludge build-up in your heating system. As a result, we can help you to ensure the long term efficiency of your boiler and central heating.

More Common Than You Might Think

boiler installation BasingstokeIt is common for corrosion to occur in central heating systems. This isn’t surprising when you think about the metal components in a system. For example, there are the copper pipes and the stainless-steel or aluminium heat exchangers. This is along with your radiators. They can be different metals, including cast iron, aluminium, and steel.

Rust will form when oxygen is introduced to the water in the system and comes into contact with these metals. Oxygen can enter when you top up or empty and refill systems. Aluminium hydroxide and iron oxide crystals will form and settle throughout the system. This can include in the pipework, boiler components, and radiators.


Sludge building up in your system can cause a lot of problems. For starters, it could lead to blockages which limit water flow and decrease efficiency. The deposits can also act as thermal conductors which will reduce how effective your radiators are.

Spotting The Signs

There are a few tell-tale signs of sludge build up; a good example is looking at your radiators. A cold band at the bottom or patches of warmth are signs of sludge. Another indicator is when connecting pipework is hot but the radiator is cold. A blockage can also result in a noisy system, an issue which is known as kettling.

Treating The Problem

Contact a professional if you suspect a sludge build up. They can identify if this is the cause of your problems and carry out a system flush.

Powerflushing will clean your system, including the boiler, pipes, and radiators. It will increase the lifespan of the system and is highly recommended before the installation of a new boiler. Eliminating sludge will allow your home to heat up faster and more efficiently.

Boiler Installation Basingstoke

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