Central Heating and Boiler Installation Preston

A boiler is essential but has the potential to cost you a lot of money in repair bills and higher energy consumption. To avoid this you should ensure your appliance is properly maintained as it ages. A good service history can extend its lifecycle and also reduce the risk of breakdowns. If you want help with your machine from one of the best providers of central heating and boiler installation Preston has available, let Warm help you.

How old is too old for a boiler?

central heating and boiler installation PrestonThere is no set rule for when you should replace boilers. Some appliances will last for decades and function perfectly fine. Others on the other hand will become problematic and inefficient after 15-20 years. With inefficiency comes higher costs and the risk of more frequent breakdowns resulting in high repair bills. If you are in this situation a new boiler is the best option.

What you should look at is how much you are spending on your annual bills. You may notice a huge increase in your spending that can’t be traced to higher usage or rising fuel prices. If this is the case it could be because the boiler is using far more fuel to give you the hot water and heat you need. In this case upgrading is wise.

If you have a very old boiler that lacks modern features such as a condenser and heating controls you could be consuming lots of fuel. As a result an upgrade could definitely help. The Energy Saving Trust even predicts some people could save as much as a third on their bills.

Warm can help

If you are thinking about getting a new boiler we can find you a reliable engineer. We work with local providers with lots of experience as well as the best credentials. As a result we are the best place to come for help with central heating and boiler installation Preston has.

What should you look for in a new boiler?

It is likely the new boilers you look at will have some very different features to what you are used to. This is especially likely if the appliance was decades old. There are a number of things you should look for if you want to make the right investment for the future.

types of boilerFirstly you need to decide what kind of model you want. There are three main types; combination, conventional, and system. Generally it is wise to choose a like for like replacement. This will ensure the appliance will fit and the connections will be there already. You can change to a different type but be aware of the potential for extra installation costs.

If you get a new gas boiler it has to have a condenser. This is a legal requirement because the condensers save energy and are better for the environment. If you don't already have one, a flue and waste pipe are necessary.

Modern boilers are also more likely to have advanced heating controls. They are a great feature and give you the potential to save a great deal on your energy costs. With them you can control temperatures in different areas of the property, setting them more accurately. As a result you won't waste money heating rooms you are not using.

Choosing a brand

There are plenty of different brands to choose from. Some specialise at making specific boiler types and sizes whereas others offer models at different price points. Many people will stick with a brand they know and trust but there is no harm in looking for the best deal.

When you deal with Warm we will work to find you the right services. As the best team for central heating and boiler installation Preston has, we only deal with reliable local engineers. They have experience with various boiler brands so you can expect them to provide the right model for you. Get in touch today or use the form to get quick quotes.