Part two: How to save money on your boiler and heating bills

Read further for more tips on how you can save money on your household boiler bills


On Monday, we published Part One of our top tips for reducing the cost of your dreaded monthly heating bills. Here we present our customers with more advice. This will also help reduce the amount of energy consumed by your boiler and heating system; which will inevitably cut your monthly outgoings.


Part One of our guide focused on solutions that involved some not insignificant initial costs; these were:

  • Wall, roof, loft, and floor insulation
  • New and efficient boiler installation
  • Double/triple glazing


Our second part will focus upon a few cheaper options for improving heat retention in your home.

Draught elimination

Block off any gaps in your property through which heat could be escaping, including gaps around entry doors, windows, and loft entrances.

Rugs and Curtains

If your property is fitted with wooden flooring, or any other type of cold material, considering investing in some large rugs, which will help prevent heat escaping through the floor. As an added bonus, it will also keep your feet snug and warm. Additionally, thick and heavy curtains or closely-fitted blinds are a good and cheap option for preventing heat from escaping through your windows.

Wrap up your water pipes

Insulation for water pipes is cheap but it’s effective for heat retention and for keeping your water hot. This is ideal for systems which use a water tank, as hot water will stay warmer for longer, meaning less waiting around.

Open your doors

Of course we mean your internal doors. Unless you have a particular reason for containing heat within one room, it is generally recommended that internal doors should be left open to allow air to flow unrestricted around your property. A slow air flow requires more energy to keep up with the changing directions.

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