How much does a boiler installation cost?

There is no way around it; a boiler installation is not cheap. The benefits of a new and efficient model do outweigh the initial expenditure though. The costs involved in the purchase and installation of a new machine will vary widely depending on many factors.

What to consider when weighing up the costs of a boiler installation:

  • Type and qualityboiler installation cost
  • Cost and availability of parts
  • How much work is involved in the installation
  • Which installer you choose
  • Your location

Overall costs can range from between £500 to over £2,000, depending upon the above factors, which will all play a role in determining the cost of an installation. Major energy suppliers will typically charge more for an installation than a local, independent engineer.

The main scenarios which will affect the cost of an installation (in order of average costs from lowest to highest):

  1. Replacing a condensing combi boiler with a newer model in the same position.
  2. Replacing a non-condensing combi with a condensing combi in the same position.
  3. Installing a condensing combi in a new position.
  4. Upgrading from a traditional system to a combi system.
  5. Additional fees will be charged when a mechanical or chemical flush is necessary.

The costs vary so widely because the level of work involved in each scenario also varies widely. Installers will have an increased workload for option 3 and 4. Additional tasks will include the routing of flues, fitting of condensing pipes, and sealing work.

Prices for an oil, system or conventional boiler installation will also differ. They will typically work out more than a combi replacement and installation.

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