Central Heating and Boiler Installation Bournemouth

Before rushing in and getting a new machine it is important to do some research. You need to look into the different types, fuels, placement, and various other things. That way you can make the best choice for your property. When you decide Warm can help you. We work with the top teams for central heating and boiler installation Bournemouth has, meaning we always have the right service.

Type of boiler

This is the first place to start. What you may want to do is check to see what kind of appliance you currently have; it will be cheaper and faster to replace like for like.

There are three main types of boiler. They each have their own pros and cons. Make sure you are clear on all of them before you commit.

Regular boilers provide your heat and have a separate water cylinder to supply hot water. As a result they can be quick cost effective to replace. The only downside is if you need replacements for all of the different parts.

Central Heating and Boiler Installation BournemouthCombination (combi) boilers are a single unit that supplies both hot water and the heating. They are compact and generally have the lowest maintenance costs. The issue is they don’t work well if the water pressure is low. In addition they may not be good for properties where several hot water taps will be on at once such as large family homes with several bathrooms.

System boilers are common in larger new homes. They are large because there is a separate hot water cylinder in the machine. The amount of space they take up can be a problem but they are effective at feeding several bathrooms at once. Maintenance costs may also be slightly higher for them.

Professional advice

If you are unsure what type of boiler to opt for the Warm team can help you to find an engineer who can advise you. More importantly than that, we can get you multiple quotes, giving you the chance to find the best price. As the top place to find central heating and boiler installation Bournemouth has, choose us whenever you need a service.

When to stick with the same kind of boiler

There are several situations when it is better to replace like for like rather than changing to a different type of boiler. The most important ones are:

  1. If the property has old radiators or pipes are buried in screed. In these cases a modern system boiler or combi may have too much pressure. As a result it could damage the radiators, pipes, or the screed.
  2. When your budget is tight it is better to choose the same type of appliance. This is because the fixtures will already be there.

When is it better to change?

Surprisingly there are a number of cases when it is wise to change to a different type of boiler. Here are some examples:

  1. If you extend your current property and create additional bathrooms it may be better to upgrade to a system boiler. This will ensure that several family members can use bathrooms at the same time without losing pressure.
  2. New boilers tend to come with extended warranties to protect consumers. Therefore if you want lower maintenance costs it may be best to switch to a combi with a warranty up to ten years.
  3. If you plan to move the boiler to create more space a combi may be the best option. As we said above they are compact and take up the least room. There is also the option to fasten them to a wall, leaving space beneath.

Think about fuel

types of boilerWhen you look into boilers it is vital you consider the type of fuel. Electric ones are the most flexible because they can generally go on any wall. Gas, oil and biomass types on the other hand need to have a flue and air supply. Therefore they need to be on an external wall.

Generally it is best to stick with the same type of fuel you already use. That way you shouldn't need to worry about needing to install new pipes, cables, a flue, or storage for fuel.

Whatever your plans for your boiler, Warm can help. Our services are reliable and available when you need them. Simply call our team or enter your details on the quote form. We will then put you in touch with the best local names for central heating and boiler installation Bournemouth residents can work with.