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central heating and boiler installation Milton KeynesThe boiler is an appliance you really can’t afford to neglect. Without it the property would be very uncomfortable, lacking both hot water and heating. In some cases issues can develop that put the health of everybody in the property at risk. This includes the potential for fires and leaking carbon monoxide.

Neglecting the boiler is also bad for your finances. A fault could cost you a large sum to repair, especially if one of the vital parts is broken. The bill will be even larger if you need to replace the entire appliance. Therefore it is much better to have a proper maintenance plan in place.

Arrange the right services

One thing you should definitely invest in is annual boiler servicing. The investment will ensure the appliance receives a full inspection every year by a professional engineer. They will check various parts to ensure they are in a good condition. If they notice issues or signs of wear they can take immediate action rather than allowing the situation to deteriorate further. You can find some really affordable schemes for annual services.

If you don’t want to commit to a servicing scheme you can still arrange one-off services when necessary. It is a good investment to make, especially after a long winter of using the boiler or just before the cold season starts following a summer of minimal use.

Warm can help you to organise servicing as well as finding the best teams for central heating and boiler installation Milton Keynes has. Our service is free and we get you quotes from a number of local providers very quickly. That way we are there for you whether it is an emergency or you are being proactive.

Other things to do to take care of your boiler

There are a number of additional things you can do to protect your boiler and help to make it last longer.

Regular cleaning

A boiler can attract a surprising amount of dust, even if it is hidden away in a cupboard. Investing in professional cleaning can really help to improve the efficiency. It can also protect components.

Don’t crowd the boiler

Good ventilation is vital to performance and safety. If you have lots of clutter around the appliance you can restrict air flow and cause problems. Keep it clear and ensure a carbon monoxide detector is installed to pick up any leaks of harmful gas.

Bleed the radiators

bleed the radiatorIf your radiators aren’t efficient your boiler has to work much harder. With this in mind you should be looking to maximise efficiency. Bleeding the radiators is essential to this. It gets rid of trapped air and means they can heat up fully.


This is another thing that can help to improve the efficiency of your radiators. The flushing helps to get rid of sludge build-ups, rust, and debris. As a result each radiator will work better and you’ll also protect inside from damage.

Maintain pressure

When a boiler loses pressure it becomes inefficient. You should check the gauge regularly to make sure your appliance has enough pressure. If it drops sufficiently you should be able to increase it yourself by following the steps in your manual.

Central Heating Milton Keynes

Many of us worry about our central heating too and whether it can do its job throughout the winter months. If you want to guarantee the success of your system, then there are certain things you must do. One would be to have our Gas Safe engineers service your boiler. They’ll examine all the components and see to it that nothing is out of place.Central Heating Milton Keynes
It’s ideal to check your heating frequently too. Every now and then, switch it on for a few seconds to make certain that nothing is wrong. Do this even if you don’t need to use the heating at that moment. When you keep your system off during the warm weather for a long time, it may need to work harder the next time you switch it on. Contact our team if you’re having any problems with your central heating.

Warm encourages everyone to be proactive with their boiler maintenance and invest in the right services. We can arrange them, getting you quick quotes with the best teams for servicing, repairs, central heating and boiler installation Milton Keynes can offer. Use our quote form today or give us a call.

Milton Keynes, locally abbreviated to MK, is a large town in Buckinghamshire, England, about 50 miles north-west of London. It is the principal settlement of the Borough of Milton Keynes, a unitary authority.