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Boiler Installation Oldham

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When cared for properly, your boiler can serve you for years. For example, it can go beyond its predicted lifecycle in some situations. There are all sorts that you can do to preserve the appliance. If things get tough, you can call on the assistance of a professional engineer. By taking the proactive approach, your investments will last for longer. If you’re having trouble locating the best provider of central heating and boiler installation Oldham has, we can help.

Central Heating Installation Oldham

It’s possible to experience several problems with your central heating. For instance, your boiler might be operational but your central heating may not. If you are in this situation, either a component is broken or there’s something wrong with the settings. The component in question would likely be the motorised diverter valve.

You may have to replace this valve if changing the settings does nothing. This isn’t something you should attempt on your own however. Instead, you should get in touch with our team. We work with experienced professional engineers who specialise in this area. They can replace your components as well as perform other repairs if they’re necessary.

Central Heating Installation Oldham

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Advice on maintenance

You can complete many low-grade tasks on your own. Of course, you should never open the boiler up and start tinkering with the components. Instead, you should:

Examine the pilot light

Boilers need to have a powerful, blue pilot flame. This indicates that your appliance is productively burning the fuel. When the colour shifts to yellow or orange, it means the combustion isn’t finished. Consequently, the apparatus could be leaking carbon monoxide. The moment you realise that the colour is different, seek out aid from an expert.

Boiler Service Oldham

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Increase Ventilation

To maintain your boiler’s combustion, you will require a decent air supply. The room your appliance is in must possess adequate ventilation. If you also have a flue, check to see that there are no blockages. In addition, take care of any clutter you find.

Raise the pressure

All boilers need to have sufficient pressure, or else you’ll run into a myriad of complications. If it is too low, it’ll be hard for your boiler to heat up. For you, this means no hot water or heat. When the pressure becomes too great, it can strain your pipes and create leaks. You need to keep an eye on the gauge and make certain that it remains between 1 and 1.5 bars. Consult the user manual if it begins to drop because it will tell you what to do.

All the tasks we’ve mentioned above are easy enough that you can do them by yourself. If you recognise that the issue is one you can’t overcome, you’d be better off contacting a professional. Warm can help you to find a qualified provider of central heating and boiler installation Oldham residents can trust in.

Today’s boilers include new efficiency ratings

Something you should know about boilers is that upgrading to a new one can lead to some impressive savings. This is particularly true if your current design is an old one with low efficiency. Multitudes of old variations come with labels ranging from A to G. SEDBUK used this rating system until the year 2009. The boilers with an A rating were 90% efficient.
In 2009 SEDBUK introduced new ratings. They abandoned letters and adopted a percentage rating instead. The higher your percentage, the more efficient your appliance is. Shockingly, countless LPG, oil, and gas boilers that had a 90% classification now only possess 88% efficiency.

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There are all kinds of advantages to using our service. They include:

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Our team members commit themselves to supplying customers with the highest possible standards of service. This is the reason why we’ve become prominent for making it simple for the public to locate first class aid.

You’re free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our business. If you wish to speak to an advisor, then call us on 0800 311 8990. We’re available on a 24/7 basis, so you never need to worry about it being too late. We also have Free Quote Forms you can fill out.

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Oldham is a town in Greater Manchester, England, amid the Pennines and between the rivers Irk and Medlock, 5.3 miles southeast of Rochdale and 6.9 miles northeast of Manchester. It is the administrative centre of the Metropolitan Borough of Oldham, which had a population of 230,800 in 2015