Does a gas boiler use electricity?

A boiler is an essential appliance that provides people with a convenient way to heat their homes and access hot water. While you might love having this in place, there are plenty of boiler owners who don’t fully understand how they work. You might even have a question like does a gas boiler use electricity? We are happy to offer advice and also make it easy to arrange reliable services.

A small yet essential amount

does a gas boiler use electricityIf your boiler uses gas as a fuel, it still relies on electricity. It won’t use as much as an electric boiler but it still needs a small amount of power in order to be able to function.

Typically when you want to heat your property, you will use an electric switch to turn on your gas boiler. This will result in a valve opening so that gas can enter the combustion chamber. An ignition system will use electricity to set the jets that put the gas in this sealed area alight.

The majority of central heating systems also use a pump that is powered by electricity. This helps move and carry heat to the different areas of your property.

Controls and electricity

A basic boiler and heating system is something you control manually. As a result whenever you are cold and want to heat your home, you have to switch it on. This is why a lot of people use electronic programmers attached to their heating systems. They will switch the heat on at set times you choose, like a few minutes before you wake up.

Many people also use a thermostat which relies on electricity. This will turn the electric circuit for the boiler on when it gets too cold and off when the temperature is high enough.

Whenever you need help with your boiler or central heating, the Warm team is here for you. We can ensure you get an efficient system and find you someone if you are ever in need of other help like repairs or replacements. We can also answer questions such as does a gas boiler use electricity and more, so reach out now.

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