Electric boiler vs gas boiler

If you’re reading this, then you probably want a clearer idea of electric boiler vs gas boiler. Each type comes with its advantages. It’s important to understand them to make a well-informed decision. The team here at Warm is always happy to help customers if they have issues with boilers or heating. We can also offer invaluable advice on various subjects.

Electric boiler vs gas boilerThe best boilers last between 10 to 15 years. Once yours breaks down, you must go with a suitable replacement. Before rushing the decision you need to think about various things. This includes deciding on the type of fuel, the model, the brand, and costs. Your choice may come down to deciding electric boiler vs gas boiler. The following will help show which is better for your needs.

Energy efficiency

Usually, electric boilers outperform gas variants in this case. Even the most advanced new gas designs typically function below 90% efficiency. Furthermore, this figure drops over time as they become less effective at burning fuel. Electric ones, on the other hand, are generally 99% efficient.


Certain people will bring up how environmentally friendly electric boilers are. Things aren’t quite so black and white here though. We produce most of our electricity from fossil fuels. Your boiler may not be directly fuelled by gas. Regardless, it probably won’t make much difference to your environmental footprint. However, solar panels and electric boilers go well together. If you power your home using solar panels, an electric boiler may be the greener choice in the end.

Which one is easier to install?

boiler installation The type of boiler that you can have might all depend on what type of property it is. Several homes don’t have a connection to a gas main. Structures that lack mains access sometimes depend on propane gas supplies. However, this could be inconvenient. Also, you need to connect a gas boiler to an outer wall. You must do this via piping or directly.

On the other hand, your property may be on the small side and space could be a problem. It’s worth remembering here that electric boilers are usually smaller than their gas counterparts. Combi boilers can operate as water heaters as well. This will save you money and room.

The big advantage for an electric boiler vs gas boiler is you can install them anywhere with little fuss. All they need is a single cable to the electrics. There is no need for a flue or air supply because there are no waste exhaust gases or burning fuels. As a result, you could have the appliance on almost any wall, in the loft, in a basement, or hidden in a cupboard.

It’s all down to you

In the end, the choice between a gas or electric boiler normally comes down to personal preference. If you are still having trouble deciding after reading all of this, contact the team here at Warm. We can provide answers to all of your questions, including electric boiler vs gas boiler queries. If you need help with installation, repairs, servicing, finance, or even cover, we can put you in touch with Gas Safe engineers working in your area.

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