How much is a new gas boiler?

If you ask people about the most important item in their home, the majority of them are likely to say their boiler. You can’t blame them when it is an appliance that provides essential heating and hot water. Everything to do with the appliance, from maintenance to replacement, needs doing right. Professional services are safe and more reliable. The engineers can also offer advice, including answers to questions like how much is a new gas boiler?

Many circumstances to consider

how much is a new gas boilerBoilers are a complex appliance and they do not come cheap. It is next to impossible to tell you how much a new boiler would cost without any information. This is due to the fact that a number of factors coming into play. As a basic guide, appliances range from £500 to £3,500 depending on your needs and which you end up choosing. You need to understand the relevant factors when considering a model.

Boiler costs range based on things like size, fuel type, energy efficiency, brand, and boiler type. We will use a 24Kw combi condensation boiler as an example. This is the most common boiler in the UK and can be found in the majority of homes. With one that uses gas, you can expect to pay anywhere from £600-£2,110. Approximate yearly cost is £550+ and fuel cost is 4 – 7.6p/kWh.

What affects installation costs?

You need to keep installation costs in mind as well as the price of the initial boiler. They might be the same, or installing it could cost more that the boiler. Simpler installation is more affordable but the fee changes depending on many details. Having a big home, an old system, replacing elements of the system, or significant upgrades can all raise these costs.

You need to understand that while the cost of replacing and installing a new boiler can be high, it will pay off. The costs get compensated by the savings from having a more modern boiler with a higher energy efficiency rating. Around half of your annual energy costs are because of your boiler.

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