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Boiler Installation Brighton

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All modern gas boilers have to be condensing due to government regulations. That does not mean people have to upgrade straight away but when they do the appliance should have a condenser. When upgrading always work with a professional engineer that will do a good job. We can help you to find someone, arranging new central heating Installation Brighton and boiler installation Brighton residents will rate highly.

Central Heating Installation Brighton

You will want to pay attention to your central heating as well. When left alone for too long, these systems have a good chance of developing issues. There are several actions you can take to prevent these situations.

One thing you can do is carry out regular filter checks. It’s recommended for people to do this so they can optimise the apparatus’ efficiency. Dirty filters can prevent the warm air from circulating in your property. It’s essential that you change your filters twice a year at minimum. Prior to changing them though, it’s wise to look at the filter size. This way, you can prevent inconvenient situations whilst attempting to find a replacement.

Central Heating Installation Brighton

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Boiler Replacement Brighton, why are condensing boilers better?

The drawback with conventional gas boilers is they need a flue pipe to expel exhaust gases and water vapour. The issue is that this also wastes some of the heat. This is inefficient and means the boiler is always operating below maximum efficiency.

Condensing boilers have a condenser that can reach temperatures to trigger condensation. As a result this takes the excess heat from the gas and vapour. It can then pre-heat water in the tank. Therefore, fuel consumption and bills will be lower.

A condensing boiler can be around 10% more efficient than an appliance without the condenser. In addition they are better for the environment, reducing carbon emissions because no gas is expelled. This means the planet and the household benefit.

Boiler Service Brighton

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What about electric Boiler Installation Brighton?

The great thing about a boiler powered by electricity is there is no waste gas at all. Water is heated by electrifying elements in a tank of water instead of burning gas or biofuel. They can therefore be around 99% efficient.

The downside with them is that electricity is more expensive than gas. This results in slightly higher operating costs and leads many people to stick with gas.

A professional service in Brighton

Whether you opt for a condensing gas boiler or an electric one, make sure the installation is professional. This will maximise safety and achieve the right standards.

What to consider when choosing a boiler?

The aim should be to choose an appliance that will benefit you for many years to come. That means getting a machine that will be able to supply the hot water you will need and power the central heating. To do that you need to understand the different types.

Combination Boiler Installation Brighton

A combi earned its name from the fact that it is a single integrated unit that doesn’t need any additional components. As a result they are compact and relatively simple to install. They can be incredibly efficient, especially when they have condensing technology and heating controls.

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Conventional Boiler Installation Brighton

The typical appliance has a separate tank and cylinder. They are larger as a result and take more time and effort to install. This increases the cost and disruption. This type is the best for larger homes though because it can support more taps and radiators.

Upfront costs

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The upfront cost for a new boiler can vary substantially. It will depend on a number of things including the type and model you select as well as how difficult installation is. In addition you need to think about the potential for call out and labour charges for the engineer.

Operating costs

The upfront costs will be one of the biggest things to think about but you also need to weigh up ongoing bills. Consider how much different types of fuel will cost and how this will affect your monthly bill. Factor in servicing, maintenance and repair costs too.

Why don’t you try using heat pumps?

You may want to try using heat pumps as well. They work by transferring thermal energy from one space to another. Think about a refrigerator, where the cooling and evaporation of a liquid is employed to minimise the storage compartment’s temperature. These days, we can use this technology to extract the potential thermal energy existing in the ground or outside air. The pumps feed this directly into your property. Here, it’s compressed, and the heat gets transferred using multiple coils.

Having heat pumps in your property is great for many reasons. Most notably, they can help you in lowering your carbon footprint. The pumps don’t use combustion directly to produce heat. Therefore, the only carbon emissions created are the ones made at the point of the electricity’s production. You only need a minor amount of electricity to run your compressor too. As such, heat pumps are incredibly environmentally friendly. Let the team at Warm know if you would like any help with heat pumps.

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