Top tips for improving your boiler efficiency

Ensuring optimum boiler efficiency is important for reducing your energy bills and preventing a breakdown. Boiler energy usage accounts for 55% of your household energy bills, according to The Energy Saving Trust. Therefore, a boiler running at top form can help you save money.

An efficient machine is safer and more reliable, so maintaining your its efficiency results in a win-win situation. If your boiler is operating effectively, it means that less energy is being used to generate power for heating and hot water.

Not only is this good news for your household budget, but also good news for the environment. Our top tips for improving efficiency are simple but highly effective. We suggest you check them out and start saving money now!

Annual Service

Firstly we recommend booking an annual service with a heating and plumbing engineer. They will ensure your machine is operating without fault or malfunction. An engineer will perform checks and system clean-outs which will increase your boiler’s performance.

Qualifications Count

Only use the services of a qualified boiler engineer. Ensure they are either Gas Safe registered (for gas boilers) or OFTEC registered. Hiring a rogue tradesman can have the opposite effect of what you’re wanting to achieve.

Watch Out

You yourself can do a little troubleshooting without actually touching the boiler system. The most important thing is to check regularly for leaking components, corrosion, discolouration, or general damage. If you machine shows any of these signs, or if its making unusual noises, we commend contacting an engineer as a matter of urgency.

Bleeding Radiators

Regularly bleed your radiators to release any trapped air from the system. Air reduces the performance of your system, resulting in increased energy usage and less than perfect heating.

Oil Boilers

Adding an additive to your oil boiler fuel help to reduce the build up of grime and sediment in your system’s tank. As a result, it supports the continued efficiency of your system.

If you would like free advice regarding boiler efficiency or central heating systems from a local, qualified engineer, please contact us on 0800 311 8990.