When was my boiler installed?

A boiler is a complex appliance which gives people access to heating and hot water. While you should know, you might find yourself asking a question like when was my boiler installed. You might not remember or the previous homeowners may not have told you the installation date. This information is important so you can schedule things like services and power flushing. It also gives you an indication of when you may need a replacement.

Installation certificate

When was my boiler installedYou need to notify your local authority when you plan on getting a new boiler. The person carrying out the work should do this on your behalf. In addition they should provide you with a building regulations compliance certificate which will have a date on it.

It is important that you hold on to this certificate. It can be an important document when you come to sell your home. You should be able to order a new certificate through the Gas Safe website if one of their registered engineers installed your gas appliance. Your other option is to try reaching out to building control at your local authority.

Gas safety

Many people are under the impression that the age of a boiler will determine whether you need to replace it. Instead, you should be looking at how efficient and safe it is. While it is true that you can expect a boiler to last for around 15 years, this is not a given. A poor servicing history and a number of other factors can affect how long it runs effectively.

It is wise to call in an engineer if you are ever unsure about the condition of your boiler. They will be able to give it a thorough check and servicing to get it working well. A professional will be able to offer their expertise as to whether or not they believe that you should look into replacing it.

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