What to do if your boiler is losing pressure

A simple guide on how to sort your boiler pressure

If your boiler pressure is going down, the first thing to do is not to panic. It doesn’t necessarily mean that you need to contact a Gas Safe Registered engineer to carry out emergency repair work just yet; it could simply be that the pressure is too low. You should be able to repressurise your boiler yourself. This will generally only take you a couple of minutes to do.

Most modern boilers these days have a built-in pressure gauge. It is easy to check for loss of pressure. One bar of pressure is what most boilers need to stay at to maintain efficient operation. The pressure gauge will most likely have red marks to signal when the pressure is too low or too high. Alternatively, there could be a red needle to show the boiler’s ideal water pressure.

boiler pressure

Check to make sure there are no leaks coming from the appliance, pipework or the radiators. These could lead to loss of pressure. Have a good look around your home for wet patches or visible leaks and call in the professionals if you notice an issue.

Your manual should be referred to if you need to repressurise your boiler. Follow the instructions carefully. Also the instructions should be clear to read on the panel of your machine. Repressurising should be easy to do if there are no other issues.

If there’s still issues with the pressure of your boiler after repressurising the system, then it might be that the pressure release valve is broken.

Call professionals if problems persist

If the problem continues and the pressure keeps dropping, you should call in the professionals. A Gas Safe Registered engineer will know exactly how to fix the machine. You should never tinker with the internal components of your boiler yourself.

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