British soldiers living in freezing temperatures after boiler breakdown

The boiler broke 8 months ago but there’s no money available for repairs

Around 60 soldiers have been left in extremely cold conditions at Baker Barracks, in Thorney Island near Chichester, West Sussex. According to one whistleblower, the bosses have no funds to fix the boiler and save them from the cold temperatures.

Many of the British heroes from the 16 Regiment Royal Artillery have been forced to use electric heaters to try and keep because of the boiler problems.

A senior, who’s been in the Army for over 10 years, felt it was right to speak out about the freezing conditions they’ve had to put up with in the Sergeants’ Mess.

He said that bosses claimed there was no money left to carry out repairs on the broken boiler and was disgusted with the conditions. If it was a landlord doing the same, they would be taken to court.

Temperatures affect attitude

The senior claimed that morale within the barracks was starting to suffer. Some of the soldiers were even thinking of leaving the Army as a result.

A non-executive director of the armed forces campaign group, the UK National Defence Association, Colonel Peter Walton, said: “I have never heard of anything quite this bad. That is outrageous. Yes, the Army is short of money but not short of hundreds of pounds to sort out a boiler.”

A spokesman for the Army confirmed that there was a problem with heating in question. They stated that every effort is being made to resolve the issue.

He added that heaters had been handed out to the mess occupants. They also have the option now to move over to the brand new accommodation block that’s just finished being built. understand the discomfort and stress a broken boiler can cause. Fortunately, we can help people to find highly trained engineers to fix issues or provide new installations. Contact us to speak to a local specialist.