Meet Colin the Combi West Bromwich Albion FC’s new mastcot

The English Football League Championship got underway at the weekend. There were plenty of great sights, including late goals as well as drama. One thing many people didn’t expect to see though was a combi boiler. Surprisingly there was one at a game as a mascot. A combi boiler is an interesting football mascot to say the least.

Colin the Combi is the brand new mascot of West Bromwich Albion FC. The boiler, complete with arms, legs and a cap, strolled out onto the pitch during the game against Bolton and showed some surprising dance moves. The crowd reacted with a mixture of confusion and amazement. Social media instantly lit up and the buzz spread around the world. There are countless hilarious comments.


Ideal BoilersA lot of people were a little bit confused about what a combi boiler had to do with the football club. It is actually because of a new sponsorship deal. Ideal Boilers has a new two-year agreement with West Bromwich Albion, becoming their principal partner. Their logo adorns the front of the football shirts and training kits but the mascot is even more noticeable.

Brand awareness

Within the boiler industry, Ideal is already a household name. They manufacture a wide range of high-quality models, offering different styles of boilers at various price points. The sponsorship deal with West Bromwich Albion aims to boost this even further. However, the response to Colin the Combi is beyond what anyone could have imagined. Consumer brand awareness hit a new high and the company has effectively engaged with a global audience.

Things to come?

There could be some really exciting things in store for the future in the relationship between Ideal and WBA. Colin already has Twitter and Instagram accounts, meaning fans could expect even more engagement in the future.

One thing WBA fans can be comfortable with is that Colin’s arrival does not mean the end for long-standing mascot Baggie Bird. He remains the club’s official mascot and will, therefore, be making appearances over the season. All the same, a combi boiler is an interesting football mascot.

Warm works with the best engineers

Ideal combi boilerWarm we work with engineers across the UK who have a lot of experience with Ideal Boilers. If you are looking for a new combi boiler or have an existing model that you want to service or need repairing, we can help you find an engineer. You can contact us for help and can also get quick quotes from our website. If you want to learn more about Colin the Combi, have a look at the storm on social media.