Are you moving into a home with no central heating?

Turning on the heating may not be the first thing on your mind at the moment. However, you have to remember that the colder months are on their way. By caring for your central heating systemyou are ensuring that it will be there and ready for you to use it when you need it. The last thing you want is to find out you have no boiler in your new home and need new boiler installation services.

A Big Regret

central heatingIt turns out many people are failing to remember their heating needs when they are looking to move home. First Direct Bank surveyed new homeowners. It revealed that a large number wished they had asked about the condition of the boiler before moving in. Around half of these people also said that they had no clue if the radiators worked.

Neglecting this vital aspect of a home can lead to you facing costs you were not ready for. While there are people who can help you get work carried out fast, avoiding this is the best option for your bank balance.

How To Check

When considering the purchase of a property, there is a lot to think about. Understandably, people can forget about different elements. There are questions you can ask though to better understand the heating and hot water situation.

When was the boiler installed? – This can give you an insight into whether it will last much longer. The average age is around 15 years. You can also check out how efficient it is. Replacing an older machine may be able to save you a lot on the energy bills and give you access to more modern features.

boiler installationWhen was the last service? – With an annual boiler service, you can ensure you have a healthy appliance and reduce the risk of issues. Ask if there are any servicing reports that you can look at for proof of the history.

Do you have the relevant paperwork? – To prove when and who installed the boiler, there should be a Building Regulations Compliance Certificate. This also shows that the service was by a Gas Safe engineer.

Contact Warm for help with central heating and boiler installation

If you ever need any help with your central heating or require boiler installation, Warm can help. By putting you in touch with local specialists you can stay warm and comfortable at all times. The engineers we work with are flexible and can schedule services to suit any needs. Contact us if you need a boiler in your new home.