Winter Conservatory Heating

Do you know how to maintain your conservatory heating without spending a small fortune on it each winter?

Some people are better prepared to heat a new conservatory than others. Underfloor heating usually proves a good method to use, but it does mean installing it during the conservatory installation. If you’ve inherited a conservatory by moving somewhere new, or you had one installed recently and it’s not working out as you’d hoped, don’t panic. There are things you can do to make it possible to use your conservatory throughout the year – even long into winter.

Preventing heat from escapingConservatory Heating

This is a major challenge that is helped by ensuring roof vents are securely closed when the summer ends. The same goes for windows. Double glazing does help, but since most conservatories are more glass than anything else, they will still require more heat to keep them warm than the average interior room.  Ensuring that windows are closed when rolling into the winter is essential for maintaining your conservatory heating.

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Trapping heat inside your conservatory is also made easier if you install window blinds. It’s worth spending a bit more on blinds that are designed to reduce heat loss too.

While your conservatory may look lovely when you leave the doors between it and the rest of the house open, you’ll also lose heat this way. Keep the rest of your home warm by keeping those doors closed during the colder months.

Add a radiator (an electric one, at least)

Radiators come in many shapes and sizes. Just because walls are scarce in a conservatory, don’t assume you can’t find a radiator to suit. Look for long and thin to go beneath windows, or tall and slim to fit on a small wall.

However, you may need to consider a radiator that works independently of your central heating system. Building regulations will usually require you to find a radiator or heating system that does not extend from the main one. Check the latest building regulations and information to make sure you do not fall foul of it.

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Be smart about heating

Many people only use their conservatories at certain times of the year. In hot weather, they can be too hot to sit in, and when it’s cold, well… you get the idea. An electric heater is the best idea as it can provide quick and easy heat when you need it. Many are quite cheap to run, but do look at the figures for each heater so you can see which one presents the best value for money.