Electric boiler installation cost

Right now, there is a fair amount of confusion surrounding the installation prices of electric boilers in the UK. At Warm we understand that it can be a tricky subject in general. To help, here is a guide to answer some of your questions. You will learn more about the electric boiler installation cost so you can prepare for the bill.

Electric Boiler Replacement

The costs with boilers vary depending on their make, type and fuel source. Electric is usually the most expensive, but it is highly efficient. That means you get the highest amount of electricity for the money you are spending. It also means less waste and fewer by-products, two things which can be concerning for people who have gas, oil, or biomass boilers.

Electric boilers are a cleaner choice and are available in many sizes. People often opt for these systems when they don’t have access to oil or gas. But, more people are realising that they offer environmental and cost benefits, and can also be a quieter option.

How much does it cost to run an electric boiler?

You might be in need of a new boiler. There are various models out there for you to choose from. For many people, it all comes down to pricing. The team here at Warm is aware of different prices for installation and running. If you want to know how much does it cost to run an electric boiler, we can help you.

Should I replace my old gas boiler with a new electric boiler ?

When replacing an old fuel or gas boiler, an electric design can be a great upgrade. You don’t have to worry about placing an oil storage tank underground or in the yard. Not to mention, they’re far cleaner. Some electric boilers are small enough that you can fit them inside a laundry or kitchen cupboard.

An electric central heating system saves homeowners kilograms worth of carbon every year. Additionally, if there’s a water storage tank alongside your boiler, you can benefit from lower electricity prices. This is at off-peak rates. You can pay a mere 9 pence per kW. This is excellent compared to standard rates of more than 15 pence per kW. Therefore in terms of how much does it cost to run an electric boiler, you could be looking at some savings.

How much does an electric boiler cost annually?

How much does it cost to run an electric boilerAnyone familiar with both electric and gas boilers will know that the latter has less annual consumption costs. For a gas combi boiler, this cost is £1,145. For electric variants, it’s £1,679. Still, you must consider the fact that gas combi boilers are more expensive. The reason for this is that you need to pay the yearly gas certificate. Moreover, you have to maintain gas boilers more frequently. Then there’s the advanced monthly cost of fuel. They’re not as efficient as electric boilers either.

Electric boilers also have lower installation costs than their gas counterparts. All you need to do is think about this for a minute. For gas boilers, you require a gas pipe. Sometimes a chimney is necessary. With a small electric boiler however, you don’t need either of these. You also don’t need a flue or waste pipe.

Let us be of assistance to you  and your electric boiler installation

If you are still not sure whether an electric boiler is the right choice for you, contact us here at Warm. We can go over all the possible options with you. Furthermore, if you do decide to buy an electric boiler, we can provide quotes. These will be for experts offering boiler services in your area. This means you won’t have to do exhaustive searches for the leading prices.

Every engineer we’re in touch with is either an OFTEC or Gas Safe professional. This reassures clients that the people they’re working with can meet the required standards. You can call us anytime if you have any questions for us, including how much does it cost to run an electric boiler? We shall assist you in any way we can.

A New Electric Boiler Price

The average price for an electric boiler is around £1,500 for a 9kW model. If you are considering a top range appliance or a larger boiler, this can cost £2,500 and sometimes more. However, as with all boilers, if you plan on moving it and you need extra plumbing or wiring, it will cost more.

What about running costs of an electric boiler?

running costs of an electric boiler

It is true that gas boilers have lower running costs. But you need to consider the fact that these models require annual inspections and frequent maintenance. They also have higher boiler installation costs and aren’t as eco-friendly. Furthermore, an electric boiler is a very

efficient choice and won’t need as many repairs. Unfortunately, there is no exact answer when looking at the cost of a new electric boiler online. This is because of all the factors and variables in every situation. You need to know what size you require, which model you are going to choose, who will install it, and look at what you have in place for your existing boiler.

Types of Electric Boilers

Electric Combi boiler

Overall, the most popular type if you want an appliance powered by electricity is a combi. People prefer these models because they are compact and keep everything in a single unit. Here cold water flows into the boiler, heats up on the element within, and then feeds straight to taps and the central heating.

Electric Boiler Installation

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Electric Storage boiler

The alternative to a combi, sometimes known as a direct action boiler, is a storage electric boiler. These electric boilers work by heating water and then storing it in a tank so it can feed taps and the central heating when people turn them on.

There are two options with storage electric boilers. The first is to choose a model where the tank is built in. These models can be very large but some people prefer them because the electric boiler installation is easier.

The second option is to choose an electric boiler with a separate storage tank. It costs more to install this type but the tanks can be much larger because they are not built in.

There are even electric boilers that can connect to solar panels. They can be a really great option for people who want to rely on sustainable electricity.

Generally the decision on what type of boiler to choose will come down to the needs of the households. Combi models are the best for smaller homes because they may not have the power to feed several bathrooms and taps at once. Storage boilers on the other hand tend to be best for larger homes because the tanks can have a really big capacity and supply many bathrooms.

Another thing people consider is what the different styles will mean for the electric boiler installation cost. Naturally it is cheaper to install a single combi unit. The cost for installing and connecting a storage tank will be higher.

electric combi boilers

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Why do people go for electric combi boilers?

An electric combi boiler is an excellent choice for homes that cannot use gas as a fuel source. They are effective at supplying hot water and heating your house. One of the greatest advantages to owning one is that they don’t discharge any gases into the atmosphere. Also, they’re small enough that you can fit one into a kitchen cupboard.

The average cost of one of these boilers is usually upwards of £1,500. This is for a medium size design. However, prices can fluctuate depending on the work you need to do to the central heating system. Additionally, there’s the power of your boiler to consider.

There are various models and sizes of electric combi boilers available. The most appropriate one for you will depend on the number of bathrooms you have. It will also depend on how much hot water you use.

Electric Boiler Service

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What are the general costs of installing an electric boiler?

An electric boiler costs more to operate than a gas or oil boiler. Despite this, owners of small and medium-sized homes still adore them. They can easily generate hot water for domestic and heating uses.

In the past, individuals would purchase one of these boilers only if they were in a rural locale. These days, things are different. People also know about the environmental benefits they provide.

The cost of an electric boiler can be cheaper to buy and they are far easier to set up. The supply and installation prices start from £1,100. They can exceed £4,000 in some cases though. The price of heating a home using electricity is around £1,500 a year.

Easy connection

electric central heating and boiler installationThe major benefit is that the electric boiler installation cost is cheap when you compare it to other types of fuel. With models that burn fuel, you need ventilation and a flue.

If it is gas, you need a connection to the mains. Condensing models also need a waste pipe. All of this adds up to a more expensive and disruptive boiler installation.

An electric boiler only needs a cable. You can install them anywhere with little effort. Therefore the installation cost is much lower.

Speak to us about electric Boiler Installation Prices

As boiler specialists, we know everything about electric appliances and other power sources. We even have a handy guide of electric boiler pros and cons you can check out. We can help you find an engineer who will give you a clear idea of the electric boiler installation cost. Get in touch today by phone or complete our quote form for a new boiler quote.

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