Don’t make the mistake of not checking the heating

Buying a new home is exciting but there is an element of risk. You can’t guarantee that everything is as it seems in the property. Therefore you may move in and find there are several issues that you didn’t expect. Among the biggest sources of concern and high repair bills are the central heating and boiler. Not checking them is one of the most common regrets among buyers. We can assist you in this area. Our company offers excellent boiler and central heating quotes.

Ensure you have as much information as possible

The best way to reduce the risk of surprise bills is to ask the right questions during viewings and ask to see the evidence. The seller should be happy to do this. If they won’t give you the information you ask for, it is a red flag there could be a hidden problem.

The most important things to ask

When was the boiler last serviced?

boiler serviceBoiler servicing is very important because it helps to prolong the life of an appliance. It also reduces the risk of a breakdown. Older models should have good service history and reports to prove it. If it is a newer model that has never had service, it may be something you want to invest in. Sometimes, buyers will pay for it. In other cases though, you will have to cover the costs.

Who did the installation?

Problems with the installation could mean you are at risk of dangerous carbon monoxide leaks, fire, and other issues. If the central heating and boiler weren’t installed by a professional, beware. You should ask to see evidence from the installation to make sure the engineer was Gas Safe or OFTEC registered. Also, check to make sure they have a certificate to ensure the work was in line with the building regulations at the time.

Running costs

It is important to know how much your new home will cost you to run. Therefore you want to know roughly how much you would be spending on important things like heating. If the bills are unexpectedly high, it could also be a sign that the boiler is old and inefficient. In these cases, you may want to look for boiler and central heating quotes before committing to buying. This can show you how much you could expect to spend.

When was the boiler installed?

The age of the boiler is really important. People are likely to pay more for a property with a new, modern appliance. On the other hand, they will consider how much it will cost them to upgrade if the machine is old.

How old are the radiators?

central heating quotesMany people fail to pay close attention to their radiators. As a result, they could be using more energy to heat the property. This is because sludge can build up in them and air can get in. Both affect how they heat up and can waste energy. Ask how old they are, and about bleeding and power flushing. The latter is something you may want to invest in with older systems.

If you get the answers to these questions and find there are problems you may want to think about getting new systems. Warm can help, offering an easy service to find boiler and central heating quotes. All you need to do is complete one short form or call our team. We will get you three different prices from local engineers so you can choose the best deal for you.