The boiler breaking down is something you can stop yourself

No one wants to have to deal with a boiler breaking down. Unfortunately, it does happen. You don’t have to panic though. You will get heating and hot water back again when you take the right steps. You may even be able to resolve the boiler issues yourself.

Boiler issuesDuring cold weather, people are more likely to experience issues with their boiler. This can make Christmas and New Year difficult. It could be that you are not getting the heating and hot water you need, or none at all. While there are issues that only a professional should attend to, you can try some fixes yourself to speed up the process.

Frozen Pipe

When the temperature drops, there is a good chance that it can affect your pipes. A frozen condensate pipe can cause a break down so you should protect it. Thawing it requires warm, but not hot, water as to not damage it.

Boiler Locking

Your appliance may fail to fire up, show an error message or a warning light. In cases like this, your boiler may need resetting. You should consult the manual to see what it says to do and follow the instructions.

Incorrect Settings

A boiler may work but erratically, coming on at different times. It could be that it or the thermostat has settings that are off. You should be aware of how your system works. An engineer can help you with this. If you are unsure, however, it is best to call someone to take a look. They will help you to get everything as you need it. They’ll also help you to understand everything better.

Pilot Light

If your boiler issues are with a pilot light, it can go out for several reasons. This is the kind of situation where you should consult professional work as it could be very serious and even dangerous.

Low Pressure

Your boiler switching off, odd noises and radiators failing to heat up can be due to incorrect pressure. You can check this by taking a look at the display on your boiler. You should check the manufacturer’s guide for the recommended setting and how to adjust it.

If all else fails, you can always call Warm to make finding a local specialist simple. We offer many services, including boiler replacement if it is necessary. Contact us if you find your boiler breaking down.