Top boiler tips to remember while the weather cools down

When it comes to Britain, we are notorious for our unpredictable weather. Hot water and heating are things many people would never want to live without. So in preparation for the colder months, keep your boiler in mind so that you do not have to go without. The following boiler tips should help. You can also contact Warm for more advice and professional services.

Things To Follow

boiler tipsRadiators deliver heat to your rooms, so bleed them regularly to release air that will prevent them from being efficient. There are many simple ideas too, like setting your thermostat and timings at appropriate levels. Putting the heating on for 20 minutes before you need it will be enough to warm up your house. Then you can know you are not using energy unnecessarily.

Holding Out

While hot water and heating are necessities, many people put off turning the thermostat up. This can be out of principle, for environmental reasons, or in order to save money. If you are looking for ways to do this, there are a few things you will want to remember. This includes using your blankets and jumpers. After all, making you warm is what they are made for.

While you may think to keep doors closed at all times to prevent draughts, this isn’t always the best thing. If you have a shower or are cooking something in the kitchen, leaving doors open allows this warm air to reach the rest of the house. There are other forms of draughts you can prevent too. Heavy curtains will add some more insulation to an area that can really benefit from it.

Care For Your Boiler

When you know how important your boiler is, it makes no sense to not get it an annual service. Your boiler has a huge impact on your energy bill, and servicing can allow it to run efficiently. The engineer will also get the chance to fix any minor faults present while they are easy to do so.

Getting help can be difficult, especially in urgent situations. This is why the team at Warm is here to help you at any hour of the day, throughout the week. Call us for your 3 free quotes of local central heating and boiler experts. You can also browse our website for boiler tips if you need any help.