A challenge influenced by money

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boiler ownersA court recently heard that Renewable Heat Incentive boiler owners lacked an interest in the environment. In addition, money had inspired a failed legal provocation to cuts in their tariffs. They made this claim in the middle of a hearing to determine who would pay for the operation. In the end, the boiler owners lost their case.

They previously applied for cost protection in order to restrict their financial vulnerability. What this means is that they’re answerable for just £15,000 of the Department for the Economy’s legal costs. As a result department took the action to fight the application.

Action taken for the members

The Renewable Heat Association took action on the members’ behalf and had to pay in excess of £200,000 for legal fees. They sued the department over RHI subsidiary level cuts and also asked that they be overturned. The establishment took the case under the Aarhus Convention and represented 500 boiler owners. This is an EU provision that aims to safeguard applicants who oppose governments on environmental concerns.

In the end, a barrister for the department informed the High Court that the case’s concerns were fundamentally financial. The judge concurred that the case was based around money. However, he also said that it consisted of legislation encompassing the environment.

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