Smart Meter Review – Watchdog to look at the roll-out of the device

The UK government announced a Smart meter roll-out across the country by the end of 2020. They want to offer every single home the chance to get one of these handy tools. The design of this £11 billion plan is to help everyone. The hope is it will help people to get a better idea of their energy consumption so they can make savings. It could even inspire people to opt for home improvements such as new boiler installation, repairs and servicing.

Why are meters good?

Firstly, they are highly visual. The meter will show you your energy usage in simple terms. You can see in pounds and pence, how much you are currently using, and how much you have used in the day.

There are many benefits. With these devices, people pay for what they are using. This is compared to the standard estimated bill. The meters can also automatically send readings. As a result, there is less hassle for homeowners and energy companies. The main idea is to save energy. People can look at their usage patterns and see how effective “green” methods are in cutting costs.

Some poor experiences

Unfortunately, several people who have had these devices installed are facing issues. They include inaccurate readings, installation issues, and other problems. While people experiencing this can seek help, it raises issues around the area.

Well, now the government partner Watchdog will do an in-depth review to look at whether the meters will save people money. The aim is to see if the government can reach its 2020 target. This is because there is a target of 53 million by the end date and as of January 2018, there have only been 8.6 million fittings. The estimation is that the reduced energy use will save £16.7 billion. So, it is important to see if this is true.

Many companies involved in the process, such as Smart Energy GB, have defended the equipment. The Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy has also made a statement. They say that smart meters are vital to get energy usage into the 21st Century, so the Smart meter roll-out must go ahead.

The National Audit Office will publish a report in the summer. The hope is that with improvements, people can perfect the technology. Then, everyone can reap the benefits.

Warm is an excellent resource

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